Guam Vegan Survival Guide: Best Vegan Friendly Restaurants

Guam Vegan Survival Guide: Best Vegan Friendly Restaurants

If you're planning on visiting Guam and are looking for vegan food, the good news is that vegan options are growing in number every year on the island!

Although Guam isn't known as a vegan mecca, more and more restaurants and shops are starting to offer plant-based food.

Since my husband is from the island of Guam, I had the advantage of having an insider-view and was taken around to the very best eateries around the island that just happened to have vegan food.

I was also surprised to realize that Guam has an impressive amount of accidentally vegan Chamorro food that can be purchased around the island.

In this guide, I'll tell you about the best places for getting vegan food in Guam, some are well known tried-and-true spots while other restaurants are secret gems I came across on my own and wanted to share with you.

#1 Best Vegan Ice Cream & Tea


Asiga is more than just a coffee and tea house, the owners Tano and Ana whip up the most amazing plant-based ice cream on the island. Asiga makes their own vegan ice cream in-house so the flavors change on a daily basis and are posted on a chalkboard.

asiga cafe vegan ice cream

What stands out about this place is that they try their best to use local ingredients for all of their dishes such as salt from Inharahan, pandan herb from Guam, as well as tropical fruits like mango and coconut milk. They even roast their own locally grown coffee!

asiga plantbased pandan ice cream

What stands out about this place is that they make all-vegan chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches which not only look incredible, but taste incredible too!

They also have really cute, quirky names for all of their plant-based ice cream like John Claude Pandan (their most popular flavor by far and after tasting it, we know why everyone goes crazy for it, it's ridiculously good. !)

asiga tea guam

Asiga also has an all-vegan waffle cone which can be hand-dipped in chocolate for added visual effect, and with a couple scoops of different vegan ice cream, we promise it will make your day!

asiga vegan chocolate chip cookies

Best of all, Asiga offers plant-based milks and a circulating array of dairy-free pastries such as cookies and cakes to accompany your pour-over.

Asiga - Address, Directions and Reviews

#2 Best Authentic Vegan Japanese Ramen

Fuji Ichiban Ramen

If you're in the mood for Japanese food, look no further than Fuji Ichiban Ramen. This restaurant is located in the heart of Tumuning in the tourist district and offers about half a dozen vegan options that are clearly marked on their menu.

fuji ichiban guam vegan ramen

Their vegan ramen is a show stopper and is a must try if you come to Guam. The vegan ramen is Tonkotsu flavor which means it's supposed to taste like pork but contains zero animal ingredients.

fuji ichiban restaurant guam

The vegan ramen comes with homemade wheat noodles (made daily), corn, saffron, and is garnished with green onions and daikon radish.

The broth of this vegan ramen is to die for, and if you're feeling under the weather (like I did when I ate this soup) you'll surely feel better after chop-sticking and slurping your way to the bottom of the bowl.

fuji ichiban spicy edamame

Not to mention, the atmosphere at this restaurant is very lively and fun, it feels like you're in Japan. Other vegan options include a tofu salad, spicy edamame (10 out of 10 stars on this one!) and some pickled veggies.

fuji ichiban vegan food guam

Gluten-free folks can opt for gluten-free noodles which is only a $1 upgrade. I tried the gluten-free noodles on a return trip and they were surprisingly tasty!

Fuji Ichiban Ramen - Video, Address, & Reviews

#3 Best Authentic Vegan Vietnamese Food

Ma's Kitchen

mas kitchen guam

Ma's Kitchen is a family run Vietnamese restaurant that has a couple vegan options on their menu that will hit the spot.

If you're in the mood for cold noodles, we recommend getting their bun dish with fried tofu and leaving out the fish sauce (which comes separately in a little bowl). You can also tell your server you don't want the fish sauce.

The bun dish comes with shredded carrots, slivered cucumbers, fried tofu, fresh cilantro, and peanuts over vermicelli noodles in a spicy concoction of herbs and spices.

The bun tastes really good with a squirt of Sirachia chili sauce and some soy sauce.

mas kitchen vegan vietnamese guam

The other vegan option include spring rolls made with fried tofu which comes with a peanut dipping sauce. The noodles here are made from rice so they are gluten-free.

Ma's Kitchen - Address, Reviews & Photos

#4 Best Fast Food Vegan Pizza


Pieology is a fast food chain where you can build your own vegan pizza. They even boost vegan Cheese (Daiya brand), vegan dough for crusts, and a plant-based marinara sauce. Creating a classic pizza at Pieology is super easy and affordable.

pieology vegan pizza guam

They offer over a dozen plant-based veggie toppings such as fresh basil, bell peppers, tomatoes, artichokes, olives, mushrooms, etc. They even have 3 different vegan protein options such as Italian sausage and cubed chicken and a vegan meatball, so you can add faux meat to your pizza for only $1 more.

pieology vegan italian salad guam

Surprisingly the vegan cheese is offered at no additional charge, which is incredible and such a steal at this price. After you build your pizza by pointing to all the ingredients you want, the pizza is placed into a wood-fire oven and is toasted to perfection in under 5 minutes! This is a great place to bring children to because it's a fun experience to create your own pizza and watch it being cooked.

Pieology - Address, Menu & Reviews

#5 Best All Vegan Buffet

Heavenly Veggies

If you're vegan and visiting Guam, you have to make a pit stop at Heavenly Veggies! Heavenly Veggies is the first and only all-vegan restaurant on Guam.

heavenly veggies restaurant guam

They are also incredibly good at what they do! Heavenly Veggies offers a plant-based menu for breakfast and lunch 5 days a week as well as an all vegan buffet.

heavenly veggies vegan food

The way it works is you can get a combo plate called an “Annabelle” for under $10 which includes one of everything from the hot deli bar such as traditional Chamorro dishes like rice, and mung beans, a stir-fry, usually a veggie cake, a bread roll, and a choice of soup or salad.

The menu rotates on a daily basis so there is always something new to try out here, and the menu is posted online so you can check it ahead of time.

heavenly veggies vegan guam food

On certain days of the week, they focus on making Chamorro dishes which makes this the best place to try vegan islander food. Heavenly Veggies also sells vegan coconut parfaits, oatmeal, vegan pastries like cookies and cakes, and smoothies in their refrigerator.

Heavenly Veggies - Video Review

#6 Best Health Food Store & Vegan Pastries

Simply Food

Simply Food is all vegetarian restaurant located on Guam that has a couple vegan options on their menu as well as a fully stocked health food store in the back of the restaurant.

simply food health food store guam

When I first came here, I thought they would only have a couple vegan products but boy was I wrong! When you first enter, you'll be greeted by half a dozen freezers contains delicious vegan ice cream, vegan yogurt, and also kombucha.

Towards the back, behind the kitchen, the health food store continues way into the back where they have about six different aisles containing everything from vegan hygienic items like shampoo and face-wash to edible items like faux meat and canned food like jackfruit. Simply

simply food tofu steak vegan food

Foods restaurant is open five days a week ( Monday through Friday) during the morning and early afternoon.

They offer a fully vegetarian lunch plate that changes daily. If you're lucky, the food being served for that day could be vegan (just make sure to ask the staff as sometimes there can be milk or eggs in their vegetarian items).

simply food vegan chamorro dishes

The lunch special will be posted on their chalkboard outside in the parking lot as well as near their kitchen counter. We recommend telling their staff you are vegan so they can make sure you don't get any dairy items with your order.

We came here on a day when the lunch was all vegan and also Chamorro, which was a pleasant surprise…the food was amazing!

simply food vegetarian restaurant

We had red rice, green beans in a coconut sauce, spinach in coconut milk, chalakiles (faux chicken soup), and a plant-based three bean chili.

Some vegan food items they offer is a vegan whole wheat cinnamon roll, vegan cheesecake, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and gluten free blueberry muffins. Simply Food also serves vegan milkshakes, fruit smoothies made with soy milk, a vegan egg sandwich, and a vegan burger made with beyond meat.

Simply Food - Watch our Video Review

#7 Best Upscale Vegan Chamorro Food

Meskla Chamoru Fusion Bistro

Meskla is the perfect place to have a nice dinner with friends and family, and also to try real authentic Chamorro food.

meskla fusion vegan options guam

When I spoke to the owner at this restaurant, they reassured me that they have approximately 8 different vegan dishes that can be requested ahead of time. We recommend planning ahead and making a reservation and letting the staff know that you are vegan.

meskla fusion restaurant guam

Meskla Chamoru Fusion Bistro is one of the most respected eateries in all of Guam because the locals know that the food here is damn good! The restaurant is fairy large and great for parties or just a romantic date.

meskla fusion vegan Tofu Kadun Pika

The vegan dishes are not yet listed on the actual menu (a new separate vegan menu is coming soon) but you can choose from the following eight dishes: 1) Tofu Kadun Pika 2) Tofu and vegetable Tinaktak 3) Grilled Vegetables with Balsamic drizzle and brown rice 4) Seared Asian style tofu salad 5) Brown rice and vegetable fried rice 6) Marinated grilled vegetables on a bed of spring greens 7) Garlic green beans and mushrooms

Meskla Chamoru Fusion Bistro - Directions, Address & Reviews

#8 Best Healthy Acai Bowl

Mighty Purple Cafe

If you need a vitamin fix, there is no better spot to get a smoothie bowl than Might Purple Cafe in Guam.

mighty purple acai bowls vegan

This awesome little health food spot specializes in making delicious, Brazilian style acai bowls from scratch.

They use a vegan-friendly brand called Sambazon for their base and then this is mixed together with apple juice and coconut milk to make a delicious, creamy texture that is between yogurt and a smoothie.

The staff here will replace the granola (which has honey) with raw chocolate cacao nibs and shredded coconut. The smoothie bowls are topped off with your choice of fresh fruits like thinly sliced juicy strawberries, ripe blueberries and delicious pineapple.

mighty purple cafe guam

The cafe itself is a great spot to chill out with friends, or to get some work done on your laptop (free wifi is available) and there is plenty of natural sunlight. Some other vegan options at

Mighty Purple Cafe include getting a vegan acai smoothie with coconut milk which is rich and refreshing.

Mighty Purple Cafe - Location, Directions & Reviews

#9 Best Vegan Burger

Mosas Joint

Mosas Joint is one of the coolest spots to grab a craft beer and vegan burger in Guam.

mosas joint

We are so thankful here at Nomad Vegan that we were able to find a gastropub that has vegan options on their menu!

Although this place serves meat and seafood, they do make a concerted effort to offer vegan dishes on a weekly basis (their lunch specials change on a daily basis so make sure to check their social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram to see what the chef is cooking up!)

The vegan burger is clearly marked on their menu which is a big plus. Mosas Joint prides themselves on making “bomb salads and badass burgers” and we think they do a great job at both of these.

The vegan burger is so good that your omnivore friends might not be able to tell the difference! For apps, try their hummus and pita, and obviously don't forget to get yourself a pint!

Mosas Joint - Address

#10 Best BBQ for Vegan Eats

Jamaican Grill

If you're in the mood for some island eats, I highly recommend checking out Jamaican Grill on Guam.

jamaican grill bbq tamuning

Although this place only offers one all-vegan dish, it's so tasty that it's worth trekking over here and giving it a taste! The all vegan dish at Jamaican grill is the grilled veggie dish.

I spoke to the owner who assured me that the red rice (which is an authentic Chamorro dish you have to try!) is made with veggie oil and there is absolutely no animal ingredients in it.

jamaican grill guam vegan BBQ veggies

Also the Jamaican style rice which is steamed white rice with black beans and herbs is plant-based. The grilled veggie platter is huge, so come here hungry!

The grilled veggies and fruit includes fresh bell Peppers, whole red onions, pineapple and even grilled plantain (my favorite!) I recommend getting half half for your rice so you can taste both the red and bean rice.

jamaican grill vegan cucumber salad

This dish comes with a complimentary salad, we recommend trying the spicy cucumber salad which is fiercely hot and not for the faint of heart.

There are several locations since this is a chain, which makes it easy because there seems to always be a Jamaican Grill no matter where you are on the island.

Jamaican Grill - Address, Photos & Reviews

#11 Best Co-working Space

The Hive

If you're like me, you're fueled in the morning by caffeine.

the hive coworking space guam

Luckily Guam has a tranquil coffee house that doubles as a co-working space upstairs with mellow vibes, and strong wifi-signals.

Whether you're looking for a spot to grab some coffee or just need a place to write some emails, the Hive ticks off all the boxes.

The Hive Co-working space offers plant-based milks like almond milk for all of their beverages. Their menu offers some really exotic tea like blue butterfly pea tea which turns a vibrant blue and purple when mixed with lime juice.

For tea lovers, they offer lots of different types of loose leaf tea to get your brain moving while the clock still says AM.The upstairs area of the Hive is great for bring your laptop in and working on your computer.

It's generally pretty quiet upstairs unless there is a meeting or workshop and this place is open until 7pm on everyday except Sunday. In terms of vegan food, they do offer an acai bowl made with Sambazon but you would need to leave off the granola.

The Hive - Photos & User Reviews

#12 Best Chamorro Snacks

Chode's Mart

Chode's Mart is local convenient store that carries a lot of accidentally vegan Chamorro snacks and food items. I was taken here by my husband who lived on the island for most of his childhood, and has good memories coming to this store as a kid.

chodes mart chamorro snacks

Some vegan items that you can find here include a dessert called “tapioca” which is cassava in coconut milk. They also sell the best type of potu here on paper trays. Potu is a fluffy bread made from rice flour and fermented coconut called “tuba”.

The bread rolls are all stuck together in a giant circle and you pull them apart to eat. At Chode's you can also get tapioca tamales which is tapioca flour mixed with and sugar and coconut milk.

Feel free to ask the staff here about the ingredients or to translate something if it's written in the traditional language of Guam (called Chamorro).

chodes tapioca coconut pudding

You can also find other canned good items like coconut milk, and local bananas and plantains on their branch still (freshly cut).

Chode's Mart - Watch the Video


Thanks so much for reading our guide to the best Guam vegan restaurants! We hope you enjoyed our tips and recommendations for where to find the best vegan food in Guam.

Although Guam is not the most veggie friendly island I have ever visited, it's turning green slowing. The new generations are exploring the idea of health food, eating local veggies, while still preserving traditions.

We tried to make a comprehensive list of some of our favorite vegan-friendly restaurants and shops in Guam, but this is by no means an exhaustive list.

You can find all of the vegan places we found in Guam on our Guam Vegan Restaurants Guide. If you have a tip for a place in Guam that has vegan food (that's not already listed here) feel free to leave a comment below, or submit a new vegan-friendly restaurant.

We hope you have a fun time exploring this sun-kissed island, and we know you'll have a better experience by following this guide for where all the best plant-based cuisine can be found.

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