Heavenly Veggies: An All Vegan Buffet in Guam USA

Heavenly Veggies: An All Vegan Buffet in Guam USA

If you’re in Guam USA you’ve probably already noticed they eat a lot of meat on this island. BBQing on the beach is a beloved pastime on Guam.

Heavenly Veggies vegan food Guam

So where are all the veggies? Don’t worry in this article I’m going to tell you one of the best vegan places to eat at in Guam to get your vitamin fix. Heavenly Veggies is an all-vegan restaurant that provides the people of Guam with healthy food at an affordable price.

Heavenly Veggies vegan guamanian-food

Heavenly Veggies is an awesome causal lunch spot located in Tamuning.

Heavenly Veggies chamorro finadene

The cool thing about this restaurant is that it’s on a mission to help people in the community get healthier and they’re doing a great job! They offer free healthy cooking classes once a month as well as a home-delivery service so you can get your plant-based meals delivered to your door.

Heavenly Veggies vegan sandwiches Guam

Best of all, Heavenly Veggies offers an all-vegan lunch buffet where you can dig into island favorites such as veganized versions of Guamanian food, coconut-y desserts, and local delicacies.

Heavenly Veggies acai smoothies Guam

What type of food does Heavenly Veggies serve?

Heavenly Veggies serves very healthy dishes that are 100% vegan and are always plant-based. Their menu changes daily which makes coming here every day much easier because you can eat something different every time you visit.

Heavenly Veggies vegan smoothies Guam

Their food is mostly steamed and uses little to no oil so you can rest assured that it’s never going to be oily. 

Heavenly Veggies vegan chicken kelaguen

They also offer a daily breakfast at 7 am which includes a selection of warm oatmeal, granola cereal, French toast, whole-grain waffle, coconut parfait, green drinks, carrot-apple juice, coconut water, mixed fruits, scrambled tofu, healthy fried rice, and a grilled veggie wrap.

For lunch, you can choose to eat at their buffet (not all you can eat, but a full plate of food for a fixed price) or you can choose to order the dishes a la carte. They also sell pre-made sandwiches and desserts in their fridge in case you’re in a rush and need something quick to eat.

What did I Order at Heavenly Veggies?

I came here on a weekday afternoon for lunchtime and was pleasantly surprised to see they had a huge buffet lined up with delicious Chamorro. (traditional Guamanian ) food. The way it works is you just walk up to the counter and you can order a lunch special of the day.

Heavenly Veggies vegan tinaktak Guam

This includes every dish they have prepared fresh for the day (a sort of sampler) so you can try a little bit of everything.

Heavenly Veggies pricing

I was lucky because on this day that I came here they had tinaktak which is a vegan version of a traditional octopus dish here on Guam.

Heavenly Veggies plant based Guam

Instead of octopus, they had green beans (which I suppose replaced the tentacles), and it was covered in a creamy rich coconut sauce.

Heavenly Veggies vegan supplements Guam

The tinaktak dish was one of my favorites because it includes fried garlic and onions, which complimented the sweetness of the coconut cream. 

Heavenly Veggies salad bar Guam

Some other dishes that they had were steamed Jazmine brown rice and Finadeni (which is the Guamanian version of hot sauce which is made from a mixture of soy sauce and red peppers called “Don’t eat”. It’s common to pour the Finadeni sauce over your rice to give it some more flavor and a bit of a kick.

Some other dishes that Heavenly Veggies was serving that day included a delicious and simple stir-fry (a mix of vegetables with onions and garlic). Another dish was Zucchini Patties which were slightly crispy and soft int the middle and then topped off with a sort of coconut cream. 

Heavenly Veggies vegan chamorro food

You get your choice of soup or salad to accompany your meal so I decided to get a fresh garden salad. This included fresh greens, garbanzo beans, shredded carrots, some tomatoes and a choice of either mango dressing or sesame dressing. 

Heavenly Veggies vegan chalakiles

The soup of the day was Chalakilis which is a traditional Chamorro soup that is made with toasted ground rice, onions, and green onions. It’s typically a reddish color and resembles an Indian Dahl except that it tastes more like Mexican food.

Heavenly Veggies inside seating

Normally this soup is made with chicken broth, so it’s a real treat to be able to try traditional Guamanian food made vegan at Heavenly Veggies. 

What other types of Chamorro dishes do they serve here?

I came here on another day and was able to sample some more Chamorro food such as spinach and coconut milk which was one of my favorites! The creamy coconut cream with the steamed spinach is such a great combo. This is a dish that is always vegan and you can find it around the island (especially at “fiestas” which are family/village sponsored parties).

Heavenly Veggies healthy food Guam

They also happened to have tofu kelaguen. Normally kelaguen is made with chicken or fish but this one was made with tofu which I thought was clever. Tasted mostly like crumbled tofu, but I thought it was pretty good once I poured some Finadeni over it.

Heavenly Veggies health food store Guam

You might also get lucky enough to come here when they are serving up their version of traditional corn soup.

Is Heavenly Veggies Expensive?

The price is $9.50 for a full meal which includes a plate of food (all the dishes in the buffet) as well as a choice of soup or salad. I think this is a steal! They also have an option to get a la carte which is $4 for one dish in a to-go container.

Heavenly Veggies guam vegan food

What is the atmosphere like?

Heavenly Veggies is a very casual restaurant. Lots of locals come here on their lunch break. They offer plenty of indoor seating with air conditioning which is nice in the hot Guamanian heat. The restaurant is affiliated with a 7th Day Adventist Church so you might see some prayers decorating the inside of the restaurant, but that didn’t bother me.

Heavenly Veggies front entrance

Overall I think that these guys at Heavenly Veggies are doing a great thing for their community by trying to introduce healthy food to an island that is very much in need of a dietary overhaul.

Heavenly Veggies flaxseed Guam

I met a guy that mentioned he had been eating vegan for only 1 month and he already lost 20 pounds! 

Heavenly Veggies fresh fruit smoothies Guam


I highly recommend dining at Heavenly Veggies if you are in Guam. If you’re vegan or just trying to incorporate more vegetables into your diet, this place is a total gem. With a daily rotating menu and an affordable price, I guarantee you’ll get hooked on eating here. If you are live on the island or are going to be visiting Guam for a while, they offer a discounted meal card for $95 which gets you 10 meals and your 11th meal is free.

Heavenly Veggies eat healthy Guam

Next time I eat at Heavenly veggies, I want to try their fresh-baked gluten-free chocolate chip cookies as well as their breakfast foods (which look good). If you happen to eat here, make sure to write a review on Nomad Vegan and let us know what you think!   

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Heavenly Veggies Contact Info

Address: 160 N Marine Corps Dr, Tamuning, 96910, Guam
Find it on Nomad Vegan: https://nomadvegan.com/listings/heavenly-veggies
Website: http://heavenlyveggies.com

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