Vegan Bangkok Travel Guide: Top 30 Eats!

Vegan Bangkok Travel Guide: Top 30 Eats!

Welcome to my Vegan Bangkok Guide

Saw-wa-dee! Welcome to Bangkok, the land of mangos and sunshine. Bangkok has always fascinated me ever since I first stepped foot in this fantastic city with its bustling street food scene, long boats ripping through the river, and golden temples arching into the clouds.

I've traveled to Bangkok over a dozen times with my husband and consider it my second home. I've always marveled at all the fantastic vegetarian street food in Bangkok and exotic fruits that can be found everywhere throughout this bustling city.

I've put together this comprehensive vegan Bangkok guide for you with the top vegan restaurants, best vegan street food, coffee shops, and sanctuaries.

Make sure to read to the end of this guide for the best Bangkok vegan options.

Top 15 Best Bangkok Vegan Restaurants

In this guide, I'll cover the top Bangkok vegan restaurants that are super Instagram-worthy so you can have your veggie fix and snap a pic.

Here at Nomad Vegan, we visited almost 100 vegan-friendly restaurants in Bangkok and have narrowed it down to the very best.

After all, it's always fun to visit some new spots in a foreign city.

1. Best Vegan Curry

Broccoli Revolution

All Vegan

Price: $5-7 (150-200 Baht)

Broccoli Revolution is an all-vegan restaurant that serves up delicious Thai food as well as western dishes ranging from creamy coconut green curries to burgers with black colored charcoal buns. We loved the contemporary feel of this cafe with its hanging vines, high ceilings, and natural sunlight. I'll also add that their vegan brownie was pretty yummy (tasted like cake!), so if you're craving something chocolatey, pick up one of these on the way out. Overall, this was our go-to spot whenever we wanted a nice dinner because we knew the food was always going to be on-point!

broccoli revolution vegan green curry

2. Best Morning Glory

May Veggie Home

All Vegan

Price: $3-6 (120-180 Baht)

May Veggie Home is a nice sit-down restaurant where you can try different types of authentic Thai dishes that have all been veganized. May Veggie Home is a 100% plant-based restaurant offering curries, stir-fry dishes, and also burgers. We tried out the curry and were instantly smitten, but what blew us away was their stir-fried morning glory! I would love to try out their burger, which also looked good. They have a little dessert section with cookies and cakes. The vegan ice cream looked promising and included flavors like Thai iced tea and pandan.

may veggie home vegan thai food

3. Best Vegan Khao Soi & Best Dumplings


All Vegan

Price: $7-9 (240-290 baht)

Vistro is a 100% vegan restaurant that serves up contemporary style food ranging from burritos and nachos to dumplings and Thai specialties. We came here starving and ordered an assortment, including Khao Soi (a Northern Thai dish), which was delicious. The Khao Soi had a spicy, creamy coconut broth packed with eggless noddles. We loved the dumplings, which where the highlight for us, and we could have easily eaten a dozen more. Swimming in chili oil and topped off with fresh herbs, these are a must-order!

vistro restaurant bangkok vegan dumplings

4. Best Vegan Som Tam & Wonton Soup

So Vegan

All Vegan

Price: $1-2 (30-60 Baht)

My absolute favorite vegan spot in all of Bangkok is So Vegan!. This little food stall is located in a mall and has three locations so far. All of the food here is vegan, so you can get anything you want without worrying about it having dairy or eggs.

So Vegan has a display case filled with about a dozen prepared dishes ranging from stir-fry veggies to curries and faux meats as well as braised tofu. It only costs 60 Baht for three veggie dishes with steamed rice.

They also sell vegan hot dogs, vegan hamburgers, steam buns, and vegan som tam (which is as authentic as you can get!) Make sure to stop by this spot if you want to eat healthy, whole foods on a budget.

So Vegan is our top spot when it comes to value and convenience. A must-order here is the wonton soup, which comes with mushroom-filled dumplings and slices of vegan pork that will make you swoon.

so vegan wonton noodle soup

5. Best Banana Blossom Salad

May Kaidee

All Vegan

Price: $2-5 (90-150 Baht)

Conveniently located in the heart of Khao San Road, May Kaidee sits in an unassuming shophouse down a narrow alley. Mai Kai Dee is a backpacker's dream for affordable, vegan Thai food. Mai Kai Dee features a vast selection of Thai dishes, salads, soups, stir-fry, smoothies, juices, and curries.

The waitress told us everything is vegan. Mai Kai Dee is also a famous Vegetarian Cooking School and offers vegan-friendly cooking classes to help you whip up classic Thai dishes when you get back home.

The in-door seating consists of no-frills wooden tables in open air space with two framed photos of the previous King and queen hanging on the wall. The real showstopper of our meal was the banana blossom salad, which was a concoction of tender banana blossom strips mixed with coconut cream, peanuts, and fresh herbs served atop a weaved basket.

The flavors of the mint and cilantro made this burst on our tongues! Don't leave without trying their sticky mango rice. Come here if you are looking for whole foods, something authentic, and gluten-free options in a casual environment.

may kaidee plantbased banana blossom salad

May Kaidee

6. Best Vegan Cheese & Best Vegan Burger

Barefood Bangkok

All Vegan

Price: $6-15 (190-480 Baht)

If you're craving some vegan cheese, look no further than Barefood Bangkok. Barefood Bangkok makes its very own vegan cheese made out of raw cashews.

They also make their very own vegan meat patties out of ancient grains. Honestly, this woman could put Beyond Meat out of business. I had the honor of meeting the owner Taksina who is an open-minded expat on a mission to make Bangkok more plant-based friendly.

Taksina told me that her restaurant serves as a type of showroom, as she is mostly a wholesaler to other restaurants nearby. Now tons of meat-centric restaurants and fast food shops are quickly adopting their vegan meat and cheese and offering new vegan menu options.

barefood bangkok vegan nut cheese

I finally tried out her vegan meat and cheese combo at Panini Mafia, and was blown away!

The cashew cheese is super awesome tasting, and I can't wait to go back to Barefood Bangkok and try out their vegan burger! Make sure to go here and try their nut cheese tasting platter, which includes bread crackers and free fruit.

barefood bangkok vegan burger

7. Best Vegan Brunch

Veganerie Concept

All Vegan

Price: $6-10 (195- 240 Baht)

If you have a sweet tooth, Veganerie Concept is the place to be! Not only has a massive selection of vegan desserts (cakes, cookies, and milkshakes), but they also offer savory dishes for lunch and dinner.

Although the portions were a bit small, I enjoyed their vegan green curry and buddha bowl for a healthy lunch. They also offer vegan pancakes and waffles served in a sizzling cast-iron skillet topped off with gorgeous flowers.

Noteworthy vegan brunch dishes include Strawberry N Cream Scones, Blueberry & Vanilla Crepe, Green Fresh Smoothie Bowl, Sweet Banana Baked Roti, and Sweet Blossom hotcakes which are pancakes topped off with ice cream.

Make sure to order a vegan Veganerie Brownie Smoothie or Mango Milkshake, which are both out of this world! There are currently six Vegan Concept locations in Bangkok, including a new restaurant that just opened in Nana.

veganerie concept plantbased buddha bowl

8. Best Vegan Curry & Backpacker Cafe

Mango Restaurant

Meat Free, Vegan Options

Price: $4-6 (125-195 baht)

Mango is a favorite vegetarian restaurant of mine whenever I visit the Khao San Road area in Bangkok. It's a must-eat spot! I come here mainly to order their curry because they have enjoyable, exotic ingredients that I haven't seen anywhere else, like banana, ginkgo nuts, and lotus root. The ambiance here is relaxed, and it's a great spot for backpackers who want to chill out after a long day of sightseeing in the sun. Their vegan breakfast includes smoothies, pancakes, waffles, and tofu scramble. I'm getting hungry just thinking about Mango.

mango restaurant vegan thai curry

9. Best Vegan Indian Food

Dosa King

Meat Free, Vegan Options

Price: $4-6 (125-175 Baht)

Dosa King is 100% pure vegetarian Indian restaurant is our favorite spot to grab a dosa (a giant crepe made from Dahl flour filled with potatoes). Although their menu has dairy, they mark all vegan items clearly, and there are a ton of authentic Indian dishes you can try out like lentil stews and steamed rice cakes served with sambal (lentil stew soup). I have tried other Indian restaurants in Bangkok and always seem to come back to this one because it's the best.

dosa king vegan indian food bangkok

10. Best Street Food Stall

Bamboo Garden Healthy Vegetarian Foods

Meat Free, Vegan Options

Price: $1-3 (30-90)

If you're looking for a place to eat excellent Thai street food, you should check out Bamboo Bamboo Garden Healthy Vegetarian Foods. This hole in the wall street food stall in the Ari neighborhood down a quiet alley.

Their marinated Chinese mushrooms called "hed" in Thai (pronounced head) are highly addicting. They sell lots of to-go items in little baggies, which is perfect for a quick, last-minute dinner.

There is a whole section of prepared meals in containers, or you can choose from a hot deli filled with lots of vegan choices. They are 100% meat-free, and most of the items are egg-free. Don't leave without some hot soup and sticky rice for the road.

bamboo garden healthy vegetarian foods bangkok

11. Best Vegan Ice Cream

All Coco

Meat Free, Vegan Options

Price: $3 (100 Baht)

All Coco specializes in all-things-coconut, from coconut water to coconut ice cream. Their ice cream consists of coconut water and young coconut meat, without any added sugar. The soft-serve ice cream is accidentally vegan because it's all coconut.

The best part about this place is they sell white & black swirl ice cream. The white part is coconut, and the black part is the charcoal flavor! Surprisingly, black charcoal ice cream is super tasty and still has a coconut flavor. Make sure to find this fun ice cream during your stay in Bangkok and take lots of photos of this strange combo!

all coco vegan coconut ice cream

12. Best Vegan Food Stall

Vegetarian Food Stall @Terminal 21

Meat Free, Vegan Options

Price: $1 (30 Baht)

The Vegetarian Food Stall @Terminal 21 is one of my favorite places to go to when I'm in the mood for something quick and easy. This vegetarian food stall is at the food court at Terminal 21 mall. They have a bunch of dishes already prepared, and you can just point to the ones you want, plus it comes with free steamed rice. Although some dishes contain eggs, most are vegan. All the food served here is classic Thai dishes made with vegetables like stir-fried morning glory, pumpkin, and banana blossom. Some of the dishes at this vegetarian food stall include soy meat as well. For the price and value, this is an extreme bargain and perfect for a budget traveler looking for a cheap option!

terminal 21 food court vegan food

13. Best Hummus & Vegan Pizza

Hummus Boutique

Vegan Options

Price: $5-7 (150-200 Baht)

Hummus Boutique is a Middle Eastern restaurant that makes not only fresh falafels and hummus but also vegan pizza made with their very own cashew cheese, made in house! From tabouli to creamy chickpea hummus and crispy falafels, you can grab the perfect vegan meal at this spot and eat to your heart's content. If you walk past this restaurant, you'll see them kneading dough and sliding the pizza into the wood-fired ovens. This low-key restaurant excels at making personal size, vegan pizzas. Make sure to try their vegan pesto mushroom pizza topped off with delicious cashew cheese and their vegan mozzarella sticks (also filled with cashew cheese that's stringy and rich in flavor).

hummus boutique vegan pizza nut cheese

14. Best Vegan Smoothies


Vegan Options

Price: $6-8 (185-250 Baht)

This beautiful cafe makes the best smoothie bowls I've ever had! All the smoothies at Veggiology are packed with superfoods and are made with exotic local fruits and topped with vegan handmade, gluten-free granola. Their display case has raw desserts like muffins, cakes, and cookies naturally sweetened with coconut sugar. Unlike their name suggests, they do serve meat here, but most of their menu focuses on veggies with tons of vegan options like salads, and healthy bowls. They also offer freshly pressed organic juices with options for detoxifiers and elixirs. The neatly decorated indoor space features minimalist modern furniture and plenty of plants. They also have an eco-friendly store in the back that sells vegan soap, toothpaste, and bulk grains.

veggiology vegan smoothie bowl bangkok

15. Best Vegan Sandwich & Best Vegan Pizza

Panini Mafia

Vegan Options

Price: $6-11 (140-340 Baht)

If you're looking for something a little different than classic Thai food, head on over to Panini Mafia for the best vegan sandwich ever. Try their Krapow panini, which comes with delicious pesto, locally made vegan meat, and dairy-free cheese by Barefoods Bangkok that will fill your heart with joy.

The ciabatta bread is also really fresh and tasty, so all-in-all this sandwich is a home run. You can, of course, try out some of their other vegan items on the menu like a beyond meat burger (also excellent) as well as a vegan bowl (made with quinoa, veggies, barley, and Barefoods vegan sausage.

Panini Mafia also whips up delicious vegan pizza with dairy-free mozzarella and, of course, any toppings you'd like. The owner is actually from Italy, so you can rest assured that you're getting an authentic taste of Italy here. Make sure to check out their newly opened vegan pizza joint called Peace and Love Pizza BKK.

panini mafia vegan italian food bangok

Best Bangkok Vegan Street Food

  • Vegan Som Tam This traditional Thai salad is made on the street using a motor and pestle. The first raw green papaya is shredded into strips and then combined with peanuts, lime juice, palm sugar, and chili peppers. It's perfectly sweet and sour while being extremely spicy! Although this isn't by default accidentally vegan, you can order your som tam vegan by asking them to make it "Jay," which is a Buddhist diet that excludes most animal ingredients like fish sauce and dried shrimp.

vegan papaya salad bangkok

  • Vegan Tom Yum Tom Yum is an herbal sweet & sour soup with mushrooms. Also spelled "tom yam," but it's the same thing. You can often get this at vegetarian food stalls that use little powder mixes to make the broth instantly, and then they throw in fresh herbs, as well as different types of mushrooms like shiitake or oyster. The flavor mainly comes from the galangal and kaffir lime leaves, as well as fresh garlic, and whole pieces of lemongrass.

vegan tom yum soup bangkok

  • Fresh Exotic Fruit It's common to see fresh fruit vendors everywhere in Bangkok on the side of the road. They sell small plastic bags filled with watermelon, mango, and pineapple ready to eat with a wooden skewer stuck in the bag. Cut up fruit slices are an ideal snack and makes for the perfect post-dinner dessert.

fresh fruit bangkok vegan raw food

Pro Tip: The fruit slices come pre-peeled. If you want to take a more tummy-cautious route, you can always buy fruit whole and peel it yourself at the same vendors.

  • Vegan Mango Sticky Rice If you arrive during the Mango season in Bangkok, you'll see a bunch of vendors setting up pop up shops all around town. Mango sticky rice is slices of juicy ripe mango served with rice swimming in coconut milk, topped off with sesame seeds. They will also usually sell mango smoothies.

vegan mango sticky rice bangkok

  • Fruit Smoothies Fresh fruit smoothies are available everywhere in Bangkok, Thailand, and they tend to be vegan by default because they use ice instead of milk. If you want your smoothie to be extra creamy, you can always pay extra to have a fruit vendor throw in some coconut water/coconut meat. Fresh fruit smoothies include dragon fruit, papaya, mango, pineapple, coconut, and banana.

fruit smoothies bangkok vegan street food

  • Grilled Bananas On the side of the road, late at night, you will often see vendors selling small plantains grilling on a BBQ. Grilled bananas are a sweet treat that is super healthy and cheap. There's nothing like grabbing a couple of banana skewers on a balmy night for a post-dinner snack.

  • Vegan Pad Thai Pad Thai is pan-fried rice noodles mixed with small cubes of tofu, green onions, and garlic. This famous Thai dish is ubiquitous around backpacker areas like Khao San Road. It can be ordered vegan by asking for it "jay," which means no egg or meat.

vegan pad thai bangkok

  • Vegan Fresh Spring Rolls If you see a spring roll vendor at a local market, they usually will be able to make you a veggie roll. Veggie Spring rolls use tofu instead of meat. The spring rolls contain cold rice vermicelli noodles, shredded carrot sticks, fresh greens, and Thai herbs. If it's not a vegetarian vendor, it's best to ditch the sweet dipping sauce, which can contain fish sauce.

mushroom spring rolls jay food bangkok

  • Chinese Chive Dumplings Chewy, mochi-like dumplings stuffed with chives with a spicy dipping sauce.

chinese chive dumplings bangkok vegetarian food

  • Kanom Ko This is by far, my favorite Thai dessert, which is always vegan. Kanom Ko uses gluttonous rice flour that is rolled over palm sugar and then covered in shredded coconut. These are usually a morning thing, and eaten around breakfast time. Pairs nicely with fresh, piping-hot sweet soy milk!

  • Kanom Man Sampalang When I first saw a tray of mochi-like desserts for sale on the side of the street, I was super curious. It turns out these are made from cassava plus coconut milk and topped off with more coconut. It can't get better than this.

  • Khanom Khrok This is a Thai pancake ball. It's made on a cast-iron skillet and is available as a street food snack late at night. It's accidentally vegan and made from rice flour, grated coconut, and coconut milk. It's usually topped with chives or fresh corn (try both fantastic flavors!)

khanom khrok thai vegan desserts

  • Roasted Chestnuts This is a typical street food snack that you'll see in China Town. It's usually prepared and eaten at night. The smokey flavor adds to the overall nutty flavor. These are served in little popcorn bags and priced out per kilograms.

  • Vegan Coconut Ice Cream You'll see this a lot around Thailand. Coconut ice cream is deliciously creamy, perfectly sweet, and so refreshing in the Bangkok heat. Not all coconut ice cream is vegan, but most are (some include milk, so just make sure to ask the seller).

Bangkok Vegan Products & Snacks

1. V-Soy Soy Milk

You can find soy milk at 7-11; just make sure to read the cartoon to see if it doesn't have milk powder, which seems to be a sneaky ingredient. V-soy products are vegan-friendly and never contain artificial flavors or preservatives (unlike other brands).

vegan soy milk bangkok

2. Jumbo Big Bao

This is an accidentally vegan Chinese steam bun that you can also find at 7-11. The staff will offer to microwave it for you when you buy it, which is excellent because you eat it warm! The filling is delicious and contains curried veggies, potatoes, and broccoli.

chinese steam bun thailand vegan snacks

3. Freeze-dried Durian

Given the steep 200 baht price tag, this is a Thai luxury snack but is well worth the money. Eating freeze-dried pieces of real durian is the second best thing to eating fresh durian. A great product to munch on if you need something sweet & filling!

freeze dried durian snack bangkok

4. Vegan Durian Ice Cream

I was so happy to discover that these little beauties are vegan! They even have a vegan stamp on them, which made me feel even more confident when eating them. Durian ice cream is 100% durian and is super rich and creamy. I also found out that the wrapper can stink up your whole apartment, so make sure to eat this outside in the open air.

vegan durian ice cream bangkok

5. Vegan Ramen

We found Mushroom vegetarian ramen by looking for "jay" ramen, which is the Buddhist equivalent of vegan food. The color of the ramen will typically be yellow with red writing and have the number 17 on it. The flavor of vegan ramen is usually mushroom, but if you're lucky enough to be around for the Thai Vegetarian festival, you'll see a faux duck flavor!

vegan ramen buddhist soup thailand

6. Omni Pork

I was super excited to stumble on Omni Pork after hearing so much about it! This vegan pork product can is famous in South East Asia but hasn't made it across the globe yet. Although I have yet to try it, I hear it's delicious. You can try this out at Sunrise Tacos or You&Mee.

omni pork plantbased meat thailand

7. Iced Coffee Latte with Almond Milk By 137 Degrees

Look at this lucky find! This Thai company makes plant-based kinds of milk free of artificial flavors and sweetened with coconut sugar. You can find their products at many health food stores around Bangkok. I found this one at the Kokonut health food store.

almond milk brands thailand

Best Vegan Cafes in Bangkok

If you're searching for the best Bangkok vegan cafes with fast wifi & vegan cake, then you're in luck. I've put together my favorite vegan-friendly cafes that I've found around Bangkok. These gems whip up fantastic coffee and offer vegan desserts.

1. Fever Few Bangkok Coffee House

Located on Sukhumvit, this little unassuming coffee house is super vegan-friendly. Fever Few Coffee House offers vegan apple crumble and raw bliss balls made from cashews and coconut as well as almond milk lattes, superfood smoothies, and vegan breakfast burritos. It's the perfect place to get some work done and munch on something healthy.

fever few bangkok vegan coffee house

2. Nourish Cafe

If a co-working space had a baby with a vegan restaurant, you would end up with Nourish Cafe. This all-vegan cafe is a fun spot to grab a healthy smoothie, fuel up with a jackfruit burger, and tap away on your laptop in a welcoming space. Their 100% plant-based menu offers everything from seitan burritos to healthy bowls and avocado toast. If you're searching for a yogini-style cafe, this is your best bet.

nourish cafe vegan fruit smoothies

3. Man & The Figs

Man & The Figs is a gorgeous cafe that offers vegan cake and superfood smoothies with beautiful ingredients like blue butterfly pea tea leaves. Although they serve meat and dairy here, they are super vegan-friendly and offer plant-based kinds of milk for your lattes and vegan desserts to pair well with your coffee or tea.

man and the figs vegan coffeehouse bangkok

4. Bonita Cafe & Social Club

If you're in the mood for cheesecake and cuddling with cats, you should come here. This cozy cafe is located inside a house filled with interesting antiques and makes all their food from scratch, including their famous tofu teriyaki burger. Don't leave Bonita Cafe & Social Club without trying the onion rings! Free wifi makes this place unmissable.

5. Steps with Theera @Ekkami

Steps with Theera is a cozy and warm cafe offers an extensive menu of vegan food, including smoothies, waffles, pancakes, and a full vegan breakfast menu. Wooden tables and plenty of sunlight make this is a top spot to work. There are a couple of locations around Bangkok, so depending on what neighborhood you are staying at, you can usually find one nearby.

Best Vegan Bakery in Bangkok

  • Bake The Sprout If you're looking for the best place to grab something sweet to eat, head on over to Bake The Sprout, this excellent little cafe makes their very own vegan cinnamon rolls as well as fresh loaves of bread you can take home to make sandwiches or avocado toast. You can also special-order a vegan whole grain cake. Flavors include spelt carrot cake, peanut butter chocolate fudge cake, and blueberry new york style cheesecake.

bake the sprout vegan bakery bangkok

  • Veganerie at EmQuartier The Veganerie is an all plant-based bakery that offers a vast range of vegan cakes, bars, cookies, rolls, and parfaits. The focus is on low sugar and whole-food ingredients. Veganerie at EmQuartier also does a great job offering allergen-free sweets like gluten-free, nut-free, and soy-free choices.

veganerie best vegan cake bangkok

How to order Vegan Food in Thailand

If you are ordering at a restaurant where the owner doesn't speak a lot of English, this is an excellent time to talk a little Thai.

We'll learn a couple of Thai phrases, so you can make sure your order is 100% vegan every time.

The word for vegan in Thailand is "jay," which are Buddhists who eat vegan plus no garlic and chives (more on this later).

Gin jay - I eat vegan.

Make sure always to end your sentence with thank you.

Krap (for men) and Kha (for women). Gin jay kha - I eat vegan (female version)

Gin jay khap - I eat vegan (male version)

Want to tell a street food vendor to leave out a particular ingredient?

"Mai sai" means "Don't add…"

This phrase can be paired with other words to specify things you don't want to eat.

Mai sai khai - Don't add eggs.

Mai sai nom - Don't add milk ( pronounced like gnome for nom)

Pro Tip: Most Thai desserts are made with coconut milk instead of milk and are available as a street food snack, like Kanom Krok.

Mai sai prik - Don't add chilies.

Mai sai nam pla - Don't add fish sauce.

What does Jay mean in Thai?

"Jay" is the closest word in the Thai language to vegan.

It's pronounced "jay" like the letter J in the English alphabet.

Monks and practicing Buddhists who eat jay food have other restrictions beyond no animal ingredients, including no garlic or chives.

Jay food never has meat in it because it's vegetarian by default.

Jay food can contain eggs, so just be sure to double-check! I've seen plenty of vegetarian restaurants in Bangkok with eggs in their dishes.

Although Thai people don't usually cook or use milk, sometimes it can make its way into baked goods like cookies and cakes.

Thai people don't use dairy very often in their savory dishes.

The only exception to the rule is that Thai people are very fond of condensed milk. They use condensed milk in their Thai iced tea (which you can substitute Soy milk).

Most Thai people sweeten their desserts, drinks, and food with palm sugar. However, Jay food can include honey, so just make sure to read the ingredients.

How do you find Jay food in Bangkok?

The way to find Jay food is by looking for the symbol which looks like the number 17 in calligraphy.

Jay food is easily spottable with its red lettering on a bright yellow background.

Thai vegan food products will have this number 17 symbol stamped on their packaging.

Recognizing this symbol makes it easier to spot street food stalls that are Jay because of the iconic yellow and red branding.

Best 12 Things to Do in Bangkok

Are you interested in seeing temples and ancient ruins in and around Bangkok? Of course, you are!

I've put together my top favorite places to check out and things to do in Bangkok that would make your trip extra memorable.

PRO TIP: Book your trip at one of the many travel agencies in the Khao San area. Trips include transportation to and from sightseeing attractions like the floating market and Ayutthaya in an air-conditioned bus. Tours with an English speaking guide cost extra.

1. Boat trip down the Chao Phraya River

Taking a riverboat ride in Bangkok is a great way to get the breeze blowing in your hair and see all the temples along the Chao Phraya River. The water is never too choppy,and the sights are incredible. You'll see river houses balancing on wooden stilts from the bygone era. We recommend a sunset or early morning ride to avoid the heat.

2. Gawk at the Reclining Buddha @Temple of the Emerald Buddha

A must if you're in Bangkok. The reclining Buddha is a lot bigger than you can even imagine! At 100 feet long, it's a wonder how they even fit this statue in the building. No matter where you are standing in the room, you'll have a view of either an eyeball or toe of the Buddha and can walk the length of the back of the statue and watch as locals pray and ring bells.

reclining buddha bangkok things to do

3. Watch a Traditional Thai Puppet Show

The Artist House stands on stilts over the river around a 300-year-old Buddhist stupa. All of the surrounding houses are old traditional Thai wooden houses built on stilts over the river. On the weekends, the Artist House puts on a Traditional Thai Puppet Show. It's one of the most enthralling puppet shows in Bangkok! The admission is free, and the show begins at 2 pm. There is an art gallery on the second floor and a cafe on the first floor. You can also take a photo with the iconic red naked man statue sitting on the dock.

4. Take a Vegan Cooking Class

May KaiDee offers a vegetarian and vegan cooking class in the Khao San Road area of Bangkok. May KaiDee is an excellent option because it only costs 1,500 baht and includes Thai dancing. You can also purchase a cookbook to take home as a souvenir.

5. Marvel at the golden splendor of Wat Arun Ratchavararam

This charming temple along the Chao Phraya River pairs well with seeing the Reclining Buddha. The city has renovated Wat Arun, so now the tiles and statues have vibrant colors. The giant steeple can have a dizzying effect.

wat arun temple bangkok thailand

6. Have a beer on Khaosan Road

Khaosan Road is party-central for backpackers. If you're looking for cheap beer, loud music, plenty of street food and bars that stay open until dawn, this is your kind of place. If you want to experience Khao San Road but are looking for something quieter, try the tree-lined Rambuttri street.

khaosan road nightlife area bangkok

7. Shop at Chatuchak Weekend Market

Put on your walking shoes and prepare to shop until you drop. Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the world's largest outdoor markets. This massive complex has over 8,000 stalls selling everything from purses to antiques. It's best to come here around lunchtime when everything is in full swing.

Although the oppressive Bangkok heat might wear you out quickly, there are plenty of hawkers selling vegan coconut ice cream and cocktails to cool you down.

There are 27 various sections in the market, so grabbing a free map is recommended to navigate through this insane maze. It's best to take your time and enjoy the experience, walking down the narrow alleyways and munching on some fantastic Thai snacks. Admission is free!

8. Take a stroll through Lumphini Park

This park is known as the green lungs of Bangkok and provides most of the clean air to the vibrant capital. Lumphini Park is the perfect place to wind down and get away from the sky scrappers and smog. They have swan boats you foot pedal around the pond, and you can try and spot a monitor lizard crawling around, or just have a picnic in a green urban space. Admission is Free.

9. See the China Town (Yaowarat Road) at night

From towering neon lights to smoke wafting into the sky from roasting chestnut, Bangkok's Chinatown is a must-see! I recommend arriving around 8 pm on a Saturday when the town is most energetic. The street and alleyways become packed with street food vendors. Make sure to slip into Teens of Thailand and grab yourself an ice-cold cocktail to finish off the night.

bangkok china town places to visit

10. Take a tour of the Jim Thompson House Museum

If you enjoy going to museums, this one should be at the top of your list. Located on the river, the Jim Thompson House Museum gives you a glimpse of what life was like for a traveler, expat, and adventurer living in Bangkok. The house has gorgeous antiques from all over Southeast Asia include rare Buddha statues. Admission includes a tour of the house and offers an exciting insight into the life of Jim Thompson, who mysteriously disappeared while hiking the Cameron Highlands.

11. Floating Market in Bangkok

There are over a dozen floating markets around Bangkok, which are reachable by bus. You can book a tour to Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market or the more popular Damnoen Saduak Market. Here you'll get inside a canoe-like boat that will trail down the water where boat vendors sell fresh fruits and soups out of their boats. Expect cramped, highly touristic conditions but worth checking out. You can pair this trip with seeing the famous Maeklong Railway Market where a train goes through the middle of the market, and the vendors miraculously scramble out of the way.

floating market near bangkok thailand

12. Explore the Ancient Land of Ayutthaya

Located just outside of Bangkok, the historic city of Ayutthaya is reachable by bus or train and makes for the perfect day trip. Thailand's ancient capital was once a bustling Siamese kingdom that rose from Khmer control, and later the King relocated to escape a possible epidemic. Given the bizarre history, the architecture is not surprisingly similar to what you would see at Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

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Best Animal Sanctuaries Near Bangkok

We've put together a shortlist of ethical animal sanctuaries near Bangkok.

  • Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT)

The Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand rescues, rehabilitates, and releases captive animals back into the forest. They also provide medical assistance to injured wild animals and campaign against the illegal animal trade.

This sanctuary is located nearby in Petchaburi and makes for a great half or full-day trip. Prices start at 1,100 Baht.

They offer an ethical, cruelty-free experience to observe wild elephants in their natural habitat without riding or posing for photos.

Splurge by staying in at their eco-lodge ($125 per night), set in the middle of the rainforest, and hugs a backdrop of green trees.

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  • Soi Dog Foundation

Soi Dog Foundation is another excellent organization nearby Bangkok in neighboring Phuket. The Soi Dog Foundation gets stray dogs and cats off the streets, spays and neuters feral animals, and also has an adoption program.

Most importantly, the Soi Dog Foundation is gaining international recognition for its mission to end the dog meat trade in Asia.

Since the Soi Dog Foundation is open to the public, you can plan a trip here to visit these happy pups. Tours are free, and the guides speak English so you can tour the grounds and play with some puppies or kitties.

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  • Lanta Animal Welfare & Sanctuary

This non-profit organization is located on the island Koh Lanta and protects stray dogs and cats by offering guided tours to the public and an adoption program.

The Lanta Animal Welfare & Sanctuary has been in the spotlight since many Youtubers have recently filmed their experience of visiting these adorable Thai pups.

If you're planning to visit the Lanta Animal Welfare & Sanctuary, they offer free guided tours in both the dog area as well as Kitty City (where you can cuddle with rescued cats).

For dog lovers, you'll have a chance to walk a dog on your choice of 3 different routes. This organization survives off donations, so they are welcomed and appreciated.

How to Get There (Bangkok Airports)

Flying into Bangkok is super convenient and easy. There are tons of International Bangkok flights arriving every hour with airlines like Eva, Delta, and Norwegian.

There are two major international airports in Bangkok.

Remember this on your way out of Bangkok. It's good to know which airport you're going to when giving directions to your cab. If you go to the wrong airport, you can miss your departure flight.

It's okay to fly into either airport. Neither one is better than the other.

PRO TIP: When purchasing your flight on a site like, make sure to select the option "add nearby airports" and make sure that Bangkok says "any airport," which will help you get the cheapest ticket.

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Where to Stay in Bangkok

Bangkok is a huge city with a population of over 8 million. Booking your accommodation in the right area is the key to having a good trip.

The golden rule is to stay as close to the BTS as possible.

If you're booking an AIRBNB, make sure to look at the map (and click on Public Transport), so you can see how close it is. I don't recommend staying next to the MRT as it's a bit far.

In a nutshell, I recommend staying on Sukhumvit Road or as close as you can get. The BTS Sky train runs through Sukhumvit Road. If you are searching for an Airbnb, just drag the map along Sukhumvit road.

Sukhumvit Road is the vein of Bangkok city and is where all the action is including shopping plazas, cinemas, and restaurants. Sukhumvit Road has tons of vegan restaurants on Sukhumvit road, so you can walk around and check out multiple spots all in one afternoon.

Coolest Neighborhoods in Bangkok


Sukhumvit neighborhood is close to all the action like coffee shops, bars, and malls while still having an upscale feel.

Escalators and footbridges connect the malls for endless shopping and air-con. Check out the nearby red-light district of Soi Cowboy.


Thonglor is an excellent neighborhood along Sukhumvit, which is sandwiched in the middle of it all and well positioned near malls.

If you're working remotely, The Hive co-working space pace has fast wifi, a modern interior, and run by awesome folks.


If you want a more tranquil experience, Ekkamai is another cool neighborhood that has a large Japanese population. It tends to be calmer, but with plenty to offer including local food and cute cafes.


This neighborhood is a mix of locals and tourists, so you'll get a little bit of everything. There is also a Nana BTS station so you can zip all-around Bangkok in less than 30 minutes in any direction.

Khoa San

For backpackers and first-timers, Khao San Road provides a more tourist-friendly neighborhood in Bangkok. Everyone speaks English in this neighborhood, and there are plenty of tour operators for planning the next leg of your trip. This area is perfect for 1-3 nights max. Since it's far from the city center, it's not ideal if you want to dig into the city for a week or more.

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Is Bangkok safe?

Yes, Bangkok is safe.

Thai people are mainly Buddhists, which means they believe in karma and honesty.

I once dropped my wallet at a metro station, and a Thai lady handed it back to me intact.

Bangkok is a big city, so it's good to exercise the same precautions you would anywhere else (don't wear flashy jewelry or clothing) and be mindful of your surroundings. I feel much safer in Bangkok than back home in California.

Bangkok has had some incidents in the past with terrorism. Albeit, they aren't very frequent or systematic, and things seem to be improving with the government cracking down on extremist groups. Most of the trouble exists in the South with insurgency groups fighting at the border of Malaysia and Thailand.

Do you need a visa for Bangkok Thailand?

Americans, British and most European nationals do not need a visa for Thailand as long as they have a full six months left other passport and a couple of empty pages. Americans get a free 30-day visa on arrival.

Your passport will get stamped as soon as your plane touches down, so your first day in Thailand counts as day 1.

Your last day in Thailand (the day you fly out to another country) also counts as one day within that 30-day window. You can get a visa extension by going to the Thai embassy and apply a week before your 30-day visa is up. There is a Thai consulate in Bangkok.

Americans and most European nationals are also allowed to get a 2-month visa for Thailand before entering. You can get this at your local Thai embassy (in the country you live in currently).

There are currently a total of 64 visa-exempt countries.

For long-term visas, there is are two popular options.

The "educational visa" allows you to either learn Thai or practice Muy Thai (kickboxing). There is also another 6-month visa option that allows multiple entries in and out of Thailand. You'll need to get these visas beforehand (before arriving in Thailand).

Bangkok Transportation

The best way to get around Bangkok is by taking the BTS, also known as the sky train or metro. I'll go over all the different modes of transportation, including public transit, cabs, and local options.

BTS Sky Train

The BTS costs between 15 to 50 baht (.50 cents to $1.50) for a one-way ticket.

The price of the ticket depends on your end destination. The further away from your current station, the more money it costs. If you are spending a long time in Bangkok, you can get the Rabbit Card.

Taxi Cabs

You'll often see pink cabs around Bangkok. It's safe to take these, but just make sure to negotiate a price beforehand or have them use the meter for a fair price.

Avoid the cab scam where they turn off their meter and give an inflated price after you've reached your destination.

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The big question everyone asks is: Is Uber available in Thailand?

Nope, Uber is not currently available in Bangkok as of 2018. However, Uber is working together with another company under the name "Grab."

Grab Taxi

Grab is my preferred way of getting around Bangkok. I downloaded the friendly Grab app and was able to hail a cab from the airport to the city center in minutes.

I highly recommend using Grab when you're in Bangkok, especially at night, when the BTS sky train gets crammed full of people. I find that the estimated price is always the final price, which is incredible!

Tuk Tuk

Tuk-tuks are street-legal golf carts. Never mind that their sputtering engine is just a notch above a lawnmower I highly recommend doing this at least once during your trip to Bangkok. Tuk-tuks are probably not the safest, but they are super fun!

Local Khlong Boat

A Khlong boat is a longboat that transports passengers along the Chao Phraya River. A local Khlong boat is a solid choice for those on a budget. Con: Stops announced only in Thai. The Chao Phraya River Express boat is a local line that only charge a fee of 9-30 baht (.30 cents to 1 USD).

Chao Phraya River Tourist Boat

The Chao Phraya River Tourist Boat is a 'hop on and off' boat on the Chao Phraya River for temple sightseeing. The price includes a free map. Stops announced in English and Chinese. For a full day pass, the fee is 200 baht (USD 6.50).

How expensive is Bangkok?

Bangkok is a super affordable destination and is great for travelers on a shoestring budget. There is a wide range of prices, depending on your travel style. It can be cheap as you want it to be, and as expensive as you want it to be.

Food Prices

  • Backpacker Budget - $1 or less for a street food meal like soup or rice with veggies. You can quickly get a meal at a food court in a mall for $1-2

  • Average Budget - A meal at a mid-range vegan restaurant with an English menu typically costs $3-6.

  • Luxury Budget - Vegan fine dining exists. If that's what you're looking for, you can treat yourself to a 6-course meal at the very popular Bo.lan

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Lodging Prices

  • Backpacker Budget - You can sleep in a dorm or get a single room (with a fan) for as little as $10-15 a night

  • Average Budget - You can book a single room or AIRBNB apartment (with air-con and a pool) for as little as $30-50 per night.

  • Luxury Budget - Five-star hotel rooms (with air-con, breakfast, and a pool) are available for $150+ per night.

Transportation Price

  • Backpacker Budget - If you're traveling around Southeast Asia on a shoestring budget, the BTS Sky Train will be your friend. It can cost as little as .30 cents for a one-way ticket.

  • Average Budget - If you have a little bit more money to spend, you can splurge on Grab taxi now and then and opt for the tourist boat. The cost will be around $4-6 one way. Your price will still be under $10 per day (even for two people).

  • Luxury Budget - You can skip the BTS entirely and take Grab Taxi to get around everywhere. The cost per day might be around $20-30.

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