Ultimate Vegan Guam Travel Guide

Ultimate Vegan Guam Travel Guide

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Welcome to my Guam Travel Guide

Hi! My name is Adriana, and I’ve been married for over ten years to a Guamanian. My husband Nathan has taught me so much about the culture of Guam, the people, the language, and the food. Lucky for us, we were able to finally take a trip to the beautiful island of Guam to visit his family.

Guam white sand beaches

We had the opportunity to stay for nearly a month with his grandma (who just turned 90!) in the traditional village of Maina. We had the chance to deep dive into exploring every corner of the island, including deserted beaches, less frequented local markets, discover vegan restaurants, and taste test Chamorro local food.

Guam is an exotic island located in Micronesia far out there in the middle of nowhere, just a speck on the map.

Guam bougainvillea flowers micronesia

Although this island is small, its beauty is overflowing. From powder-white beaches and see-through water that is so blue, it almost hurts your eyes, to jetting cliffs covered in rainforest. Guam is worth taking the time to see.

In this guide, I will cover everything I wish someone told me about Guam from how to get there, where to stay, what to eat, things to see and do, and how much prices are in Guam.

How to get there

If you’re heading to Guam, truth be told there’s not a lot of direct flights to this beautiful island. Thankfully, there are a lot of flights available from Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines that head towards Guam.

If you’re purchasing a flight to Guam from the USA, you’ll probably go to one of these three Asian countries listed above before getting connected to Guam.

flying to guam from the us

If you’re coming from the States, there are a decent amount of flights leaving out of San Diego and LAX as there is a good Chamorro (Guamanian) population in Southern California.

The flights to Guam aren’t cheap, but that’s understandable since the flight duration is usually over 20+ hours.

We recommend checking out Japan Airlines for the first leg of the flight (whether you’re departing from Europe or the USA), then you can book another second flight for the second leg of the trip from Japan to Guam.

Booking a flight this way will usually help you save a bit of money and can help break up the journey with an entertaining layover in Japan to move around and get some blood flowing through your body.

On our recent trip to Guam, we booked Japan Airlines from San Diego to Tokyo and then a second flight with United Airlines from Tokyo to Guam.

Do you need a visa for Guam?

Since Guam is a territory of the United States, American citizens do not need to apply or get a visa for Guam.

If you are not American, and you are planning a trip to Guam, we recommend checking out their official government website for more information about how to obtain a Guam tourist visa.

Although Americans don’t need a visa for Guam, they must carry their US passport for entrance formalities. If you are going through any foreign countries like Korea, Japan, or the Philippines for a long layover, you might have to exit the airport and re-enter to catch your out-going flight.

The same rules apply for Guam as they do for the rest of the USA, so make sure to apply for a Guam travel visa. The only exception to this rule is that there is a US Visa Waiver Program that lets certain nationalities to enter Guam visa-free.

The American website travel.state.gov states that citizens of Australia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Nauru, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, China, and the UK do not need a visa to visit Guam. Still, they must complete Form I-736 before they travel. Get more info on the Guam-CNMI Visa Waiver Program here.

Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport

There is only one airport for the entire island of Guam, which is Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport. This AirPort is located in Agana/Tamuning and receives international flights from all around the world.

The only other active airport on the island is Anderson Air Force Base, but this is closed to the public and for military operations.

Many airlines fly out of the main airport Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport, such as United, Japan Airlines, Delta, Emirates, and Korean Air.

How to get from Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport to the center of Guam:

  • Taxi - You are welcome to take a cab from the Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport to the center of Guam (Tumon), but it won’t be cheap. Expect to pay top dollar for a metered taxi. Just remember that everything is a little bit more expensive in Guam than in mainland USA (due to the cost of imports such as gasoline).

  • Bus - There are no public transportation options for Guam. Sadly, there are still no public buses available on the island of Guam.

  • Rental Car - Renting a car is the easiest way to get around the island of Guam. It can be quite affordable with rental companies such as Enterprise, which only charges $600 for three weeks.

  • Hotel Shuttle Bus - If you are staying in the center of Guam at a hotel (in the Tumon area), your hotel will usually come with a complimentary shuttle bus. Make sure to double-check with your hotel to see if they can arrange a shuttle bus to pick you up from the airport.

Where to Stay in Guam

If you’re wondering where to stay in Guam, there are a couple of options. You can either stay in the city or closer to the jungle. Guam is a tiny island and stretches only 30 miles across from end to end, but it’s filled with lots of diversity, and each part of the island is unique.

Guam maina village

From the untarnished southern tip filled with swaying coconut trees and endless sea views to the bustling city center of Tamuning, Guam has everything from deserted beaches to partying metropolitan nightlife.

Whether you want to sip on a coconut in complete silence and surf all day with the crabs or hang out on roof-top bars, our Guam city guide will help you choose the best place that suits your travel style.

1. Tamuning

Tamuning is one of the most energy-packed cities on the island and is considered the heart of Guam for tourism. Tamuning is where most of the hotels are as well as top-notch restaurants and bars. It’s an excellent location to be in if you enjoy shopping and is near much of the sightseeing activities.

Tamuning has plenty of nightlife and is close to the beach. If you want to be where things are "happening," this would be the area for you. Since this is a very central area to stay in, the cost of accommodation tends to be on the higher side.

Guam Business Motel (budget) - If you’re looking for a Guam hotel that won’t break the bank or make your wallet cry, the Guam Business motel is a great option. Some of their rooms offer Japanese style futons which can fit up to 4 people, which is perfect for travel groups on a budget.

Travelers Bed and Rest (mid-range) - This cute little hotel room comes with its very own kitchenette, which is perfect for cooking some light meals in between sightseeing adventures. My husband and I enjoyed being able to cook some of our own meals!

2. Tumon Bay

Tumon Bay is known for having beautiful resorts overlooking the ocean, with incredible views and high-end service. If you are traveling to Guam to celebrate a special occasion or you simply want to spend some time hanging out at a posh beachside resort, this city is the perfect spot for you!

Luxury Dust Thani Guam Resort - This beautiful Resort features a pool that seamlessly stretches in the blue ocean. We love that this hotel comes with a free breakfast included in the nightly price. If you are coming to Guam for your honeymoon or just to relax and get some sunshine, this seems like the perfect place to splurge a little bit.

Luxury Fiesta Hotel - My husband and I ate a buffet lunch here on Thanksgiving Day, and wow is this hotel beautiful. Located directly on the ocean with incredible views, the Fiesta Hotel will have your jaw-dropping in no time. Staying here seems like it would be an absolute treat!

Luxury Outrigger Guam Beach Resort - This hotel seems to sell out so quickly, but that’s because it’s darn gorgeous. Hotel rooms include a balcony, king-size bed, contemporary decor, and has many modern amenities. If you’re looking for a sleek spot to put on a bathrobe and enjoy dazzling views of the white powder sand and baby blue waters from your terrace, this is the spot to be!

Luxury Lotte Hotel - This charming hotel is located in Tumon Bay and has an excellent reputation for being clean, well located, and has one of the most breath-taking pools in Guam overlooking the ocean.

3. Hagatna

This is the capital of Guam, although it doesn’t feel that way anymore since so much has changed, and much more action happens in Tumon/Tamuning these days. Hagatna is near the tourist cities, but it is a little bit more sleepy. Hagatna is a great place to stay if you want a little bit more peace and quiet, have kids, are renting a car, and aren’t the partying type. Since there aren’t many hotel options in this area, we recommend checking out AIRBNB for private rooms and renting entire apartments.

Luna Tasi - This listing on Airbnb is for an entire home that includes one bedroom and a bath with a fully stocked kitchen. This host offers outstanding hospitality, and the place is near Chamorro village. It comes with air-conditioning, which is essential in the Guam heat.

Beautiful Sinajana Condo-Near NAVY

This fantastic condo is located five minutes away from the beach and centrally located near the Agana Shopping center as well as Chamorro village. This entire home boasts brand new furniture, two bedrooms, three baths, and a full bath.

4. Merizo

If you want to surround yourself with nature and have a relaxing time in Guam amongst trees and waves, I recommend checking out the South of the island near Merizo and Inarajan. The southern part of the island is where time seems to stop, and the island looks like it did thousands of years ago when tribes ruled, and selfies hadn’t yet been invented.

southern guam beaches

Ocean View Vacation Villa If you’re looking for exceptional accommodation, I suggest checking out this top-notch spot. Not only do you get a private villa all to yourself, but you also get an unspoiled ocean view, kitchenette, and three full bedrooms! Perfect for

Merizo Seaside BnB - This gorgeous bed and breakfast is the perfect getaway spot for slowing down and getting some beach time into your daily routine. Located directly on the ocean, you are just steps away from the sand.

This BNB also sports a BBQ area incase you want to grill some veggies as well as a fire pit for star gazing at night with the cool ocean breeze.

The Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Guam

Guam has some of the tastiest food in Micronesia. Perhaps it's the volcanic soil that makes this island able to quickly grow wild papayas and avocados, or the 365 days of sunshine that makes produce taste magical.

The traditional food of Guam is known as “Chamorro food.” Chamorro food is known for being heavy on the meats and light on the veggies.

If you’re a traveling vegan, luckily, there are more and more vegan options popping up around the island of Guam. Although plant-based cuisine isn’t trendy on Guam, there are dozens of places that serve accidentally vegan that make life easier.

The food on Guam has a heavy focus on rice and noodles. There are also a lot of beautiful and exotic fruits that you can find on the island, such as mangos (the best in the world!), young coconuts, dragon fruit, and soursop.

guam farmers market fresh vegetables

Since Guam is a melting pot of cultures, including Vietnamese, Japanese, and the Philippines, you’ll notice that there is plenty of international cuisines to chose from on the island.

Below I will list my favorite spots to eat in Guam as well as tips on what dishes to order. All the restuarants below have options that cater to vegans as well!

Chamorro Local Food

If you want to try authentic Chamorro food, then you have to eat local food in Guam. Local food is available at local farmer's markets and outdoor night markets.

Since I was on the hunt for “real island food” or the stuff local people eat, I decided to check out the local food scene in Guam.

Chamorro food uses local ingredients like tapioca, cassava, and above all, coconut.

Coconut is the main ingredient for most local food dishes, from smoothies to desserts. You can also find fresh, exotic fruit like juicy mango, and brilliant fuchsia pink dragon fruit.

Places to find local food in Guam

Dededo Flea Market

Dededo Flea Market - This bustling flea market is one of the best markets if you want to see a mix of excellent food stalls. These food stalls serve up creative dishes like coconut sashimi, and vendors sell everyday items from used-clothes to the finest local produce.

Here you’ll see tourists mingling with locals, as well as a great selection of Taiwanese food with lots of accidentally vegan options.

Chamorro Village - No visitor should make a trip to Guam without experiencing the famous Chamorro Village night market.

Although this is a tourist spot, there are lots of great things to see, eat, and do here. You can watch locals line-dance, watch smoothie vendors blend up fresh fruit, and attend a free Chamorro dance performance that exemplifies just how tribal Guam once was back in the day.

chamorro village dance show

Mangilao Thursday Night Market - Come here to get a feel for “real” Chamorro life. You’ll notice this market has a much slower pace, lower prices, and there’s not a single tourist in sight. Well worth the trek out here! The Mangilao Market is my absolute favorite because they have the best food and the friendliest people.

Mangilao farmers market guam travel guide

My top favorite local food dishes:

  1. Coconut Sashimi - Who doesn’t love vegan sushi? This is a unique dish, and I have to admit I was impressed watching the guy crack open a coconut and thinly slice the flesh and carefully arrange it back in the shell with wasabi. Coconut Sashimi is a perfect example of Chamorro food being influenced by their neighbors in Japan, who once occupied the island back in world war II. Try this at the Dededo flea market.

  2. Potu - Made from fermented coconut pulp, this strange tasting bread is both sour and sweet and fluffy in texture. chamorro potu tuba rice cakes

  3. Tahu - Although this is not a traditional Chamorro dish, Guam has now become a melting pot of cultures, including lots of Taiwanese living here, so, in a way, their food has become the food of Guam. Tahu is a tofu pudding that is silent in texture, sweet in flavor, and surprisingly filling. Try this at the Dededo flea market. Tahu Vegan Friendly Desert

  4. Apegegi - Grilled tapioca flour, chewy, and bouncing in your mouth, this coconut dessert is both subtle and addicting.

  5. Mango - Chamorros love their mangos. You have to try the mango in Guam, especially if you are visiting during March when it’s in full harvest.

  6. Fresh young coconut - You simply can't leave Guam without drinking a fresh young coconut. The thinner the flesh, the higher the quality.

  7. Ahu - A delicious coconut pudding made from young coconut water and coconut meat. Ahu is served hot on rainy days. ahu guam coconut pudding

  8. Bibinka - Mildly sweet coconut pancakes made from fermented coconut called tuba. These light and airy treats can be eaten as a snack, or for breakfast. bibinka guam coconut pancakes

Make sure to read our full list of the best food on Guam.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Guam

Eating vegan on the island might not be easy, but it’s an adventure. Sometimes the best things in life are worth searching for, and it’s no different when it comes to finding plant-based cuisine in Guam. I found myself researching and hunting for the best vegan options on the island, and so I’ve put them together in a handy list for you here.

guam vegan restaurant heavenly veggies

Most restaurants on Guam focus mainly on BBQ, as this is a massive part of their culture. On the flip side, the island is home to the most fertile volcanic soil that is perfect for growing lush crops.

Keeping this in mind, Guam has some of the most high quality, best-tasting fruits, and veggies on the planet.

If you try to find more local, everyday food that focuses on more staple ingredients like coconut and rice flour instead of meat, you’ll find tons of plant-based options.

  1. Asiga - The best spot for plant-based ice cream made from coconut milk with exciting flavors like pandan. Make sure to try their vegan chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches with an iced coffee. asiga vegan ice cream

  2. Heavenly Veggies - The only all-vegan restaurant on Guam. Come here to fill up on healthy dishes like steamed rice, stir-fry, and veganized versions of Chamorro favorites.

  3. Pieology - The perfect place to grab a vegan pizza! Since they have vegan cheese and plant-based meat, we promise you won’t leave hungry.

  4. Simply Food - An all-vegetarian eatery that offers vegan options like burgers, sandwiches, and smoothies. Don’t leave without a vegan cinnamon roll!

  5. Fuji Ichiban - Your best spot to get authentic Japanese food like delicious vegan ramen! Super awesome that this place stays open super late, perfect for late-night hunger pangs.

  6. Mighty Purple Cafe - For a major dose of vitamins, check out Mighty Purple cafe for their vegan Brazilian acai bowls that will make your face pucker with its delicious sourness.

  7. Jamaican Grill - Ya mon! Get your veggie fix at Jamaican Grill with a massive platter of BBQ goodness like grilled plantains and pineapple that will make your heart flutter.

For an in-depth guide to dining on Guam, check out our guide: Top 12 Best Guam Vegan Restaurants.

Fine Dining in Guam

If you’re looking for some higher-end options to treat yourself or for a special occasion, I highly recommend checking out Meskla Chamoru Fusion Bistro.

This restaurant is the best place to experience Guamanian food in a lovely setting amongst locals. Vegans don't need to worry either, the chef has also gone above and beyond to provide vegans with their very own secret menu!

Vegans will rejoice to find out that Meskla now offers eight plant-based options. What we like about Meskla is their devotion to authenticity.

All of their plant-based dishes are veganized versions of the real thing. Green beans substitute octopus, and coconut milk takes the place of cream. You’re in good hands if you eat here!

Top 10 Favorite Chamorro dishes

  1. Tapioca - A simple dessert made from cassava root and then smothered in sweet, creamy coconut cream, this is a winner in my book.

  2. Kelaguen - Typically made with chicken or fish, the vegan version of this dish is made from tofu and is just as spicy

  3. Chalakiles - You can now find veganized versions of this chicken and corn soup that is comfort food redefined. vegan chalakiles soup Chamorro food

  4. Pancit - “Glass” noodles mixed with oil and veggies vegan pancit noodles chamorro traditional dish

  5. Red Rice - You can’t eat a meal without red rice! This beautiful looking rice is usually prepared with chicken broth. However, plant-based versions are quickly popping up around town. Anatto gives this rice it's characteristic red color.

  6. Finadene -The ultimate Guam dipping sauce for everything and anything made from soy sauce and peppers

  7. Spinach & Coconut - Back in the old days, this was painstakingly prepared with taro leaves, but this contemporary version is much easier to make and still packs a lot of nutrition.

  8. Manha titiyas - These are tortillas made with coconut, flour, and butter, but the vegan version uses Crisco. It can also be made at home using Earth Balance.

  9. Tinaktak - The traditional version uses octopus and coconut, but the plant-based version of this is made with green beans and tastes even better.

  10. Lumpia - This is a deep-fried egg-roll. There are vegan versions so long as the filling is veggies, and the flour wrapper doesn’t contain egg.

Helpful Blogs about Guam

A quick peek into what it’s like to dine at a vegan buffet restaurant in Guam, called Heavenly Veggies, that is also the first and only all plant-based eatery on the island.

First-timers guide to ordering vegan pizza at Pieology (what to expect, ordering tips, and more).

A guide to the best Guam vegan restaurants so you can eat like a champ on any budget!

This guide to Guam vegan food that's accidentally plant-based is the ultimate resource for finding and discovering healthy treats and snacks you might have missed otherwise.

Top Places to Visit in Guam

guam nature trek things to do

1. Talofofo Falls

One of the most beautiful waterfalls on the whole island! Walk along wooden bridges over the cascades of the Ugum River. While you’re here, make sure to check out Yokoi, which is where Imperial Japanese Army Sergeant Shoichi Yokoi hid out for nearly 30 years after World War II in an enclosure smaller than an underground closet.

2. Watch a Micronesian Dance Performance

Get a taste of authentic Chamorro culture by seeing a Micronesian dance performance. If you’re lucky, you can also see a fire dance. Chamorro Village has a free dance show at 7 pm that lasts nearly an hour, which features traditionally dressed women, live music, and singing.

3. Visit Two Lovers Point (Puntan Dos Amantes)

By far the most romantic spot on the island, this lookout point has some of the best views of the island of Guam. Visit Two Lovers Point and hear the story of two star-crossed lovers who tied their braided hair together and jumped off a cliff when faced with being separated. Grab a cocktail or lemonade at the nearby cafe, which offers the same views without a ticket admission.

two lovers point guam

PRO tip: Visit this Vegan Friendly Cafe at Two Lovers Point

4. Hamamoto Tropical Fruit World

If you’re a fruit fanatic like me, this place has got your name written all over it. Take a guided tour around an old fashioned fruit farm and taste the different flavors of Micronesia. Hamamoto Tropical Fruit World also sells homemade coconut oil as well as coffee roasted in Guam. Just a heads up, bring mosquito repellant as the bugs tend to bite a lot in the tropics.

5. Relax at Ypao Beach

Ypao is one of the most visited local beaches centrally located on the island of Guam. Clear blue water, powder beige sand, and plenty of shade make this beach a top spot to swim. Come here to see locals BBQing, sunbathing, and just having a good time. Riptides are frequent and can be dangerous, so it’s always best to stay close to shore and get out of the water if you feel at all out of control of your movement. Lifeguards are on duty at this location. There are also kayaks and jet skis available for rent.

6. Jungle trek at Ritidian Point

If you’re into nature, make sure to make a beeline to Ritidian Point located at the northernmost tip of Guam. These beaches are untouched by modern development and are accessible only by car by a single winding road.

Make a trip here if you want to see picture-perfect beaches that you can have all to yourself. With simple hikes (ranging from 30 minutes up to 3 hours) and overnight camping options, this is the best spot for outdoor adventurers.

ritidian point jungle trek hike guam

This area has the most extensive stretches of protected wildlife in Guam, so you’ll see plenty of birds and fish. We recommended taking a walk through the jungle, just bring bug repellant and a good hat.

7. Fish Eye Marine Park

Want to see what the ocean looks like, but don’t want to get wet? Fish Eye Marine Park is an underground museum that allows you to walk down a long corridor of steps into a tunnel that is submerged in the Pacific Ocean. Marvel at sharks, and the many brightly colored fish that swim around in their natural habitat.

8. Take a dip at Inarajan Natural Pool

The pools of Inarajan are one of the most beautiful and strange natural places in Guam. Inarajan Natural Pool is a collection of knee-deep watering holes that is backdropped by the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. But don’t worry, you won’t be pulled out to sea or thrashed by waves because the natural cliffs and rocks block the ocean. You’re surrounded by the calm and tranquil natural pools that are nicely shaded by trees, and the thriving ecosystem offers plenty of snorkeling action.

inarajan natural pools guam

9. Latte Stone Park

If you’re in Guam, you have to see a latte stone. What is a latte stone? A latte stone is an ancient hour-glass shaped rock designed to hold up houses during tropical storms called typhoons. Latte stones have an unusual shape, weigh a ton, and are huge! The latte stones have survived for thousands of years, even though the ancient houses have not.

latte stone park guam

How to get around Guam

Sadly, Uber doesn’t exist on the island, but we’re hoping one day they will make their way here. But don’t worry, there are other ways to get around the island of Guam!

Rent a Car

The best way to get around Guam is by renting a car. This will give you the freedom to go anywhere you like on the island on your own schedule and explore different parts that less frequently visited.

The Red Shuttle Bus

Although the island doesn’t have public buses, there is a private company called Red Shuttle Bus that transports travelers around Tamuning, Hagatna, and the Tumon area. Since most of the hotels, shopping stores, and restaurants are located in these cities, this shuttle bus provides convenience for those who do not want to take a taxi everywhere or rent a car.

At only $4 per ride or $12 for the whole day, this is a great option if you want to go around the city from your hotel to any shopping plazas or malls.

The Red Shuttle in Tumon has a "Shopping Mall Shuttle” that goes to the Micronesia Mall, K-mart, and Guam Premier Outlets.

There is also a “Kmart Shuttle” bus that goes to JP Super Store, K-mart, and T Galleria by DFS.

Is Guam safe to travel?

Yes. Generally speaking, Guam is a very safe island to travel to. Guam is a territory of the United States, and so it has a lot of Western conveniences like Police and Fire departments, just as you would see in Los Angeles or New York.

ritidian point best beach guam

Since Guam is an island in the Pacific Ocean, it also serves as a strategic base for America being positioned near China, Russia, and North Korea.

All inhabitants of Guam have the reassurance that the island is well fortified and being protected 24/7 by the American military. Guam has many military bases around the island, and a good portion of the population is the American air force, Navy, and the National Guard.

With this being said, there are some normal precautions you should take when traveling in Guam. There has been an increase in crimes like robbery, theft, and assault, so make sure not to wear flashy jewelry, leave your valuables on the beach, or go out alone late at night.

Typhoons happen at least once a year, so make sure to check the weather before booking your trip. During tropical storms, its nearly impossible drive in the heavy rains, and usually, the power/water goes out for a month or two.

What are Prices like in Guam? (Expense and Budgets)

The general rule of thumb is that everything costs more on the island.

Prices are higher on Guam than in mainland USA because almost all items are imported from America. Expect to pay a bit more for everything, even local produce.

A meal at a restaurant will usually start at around $13 and go up from there. For fast food, a meal usually costs $10 bucks.

At a mid-range restaurant, you can expect to pay $16-18 for a meal.

At a high-end restaurant, the meals are generally $25-35 and up. Fiesta Buffet cost $50 per person (and we were told that was the most affordable buffet compared to the other hotels).

For a coffee or tea, expect to pay $4. If you’re on a budget or looking for more affordable options, many locals go to Circle K gas station to get hot coffee (which is oftentimes half the price).

There are a couple of grocery stores on the island like PayLess, which we often joked by calling it “Pay More” because the prices were very high. $8 apples, and $8 spinach made my eyes pop out of their sockets a little bit.

Cost U Less is a Costco type store that offers bulk food for discounted prices, and we generally found this place to have better prices than anywhere else.

These prices are daily / per person.


If you’re looking to stay in Guam and you don’t have family or friends to stay with, expect to fork over the big bucks to stay at a hotel. Budget accommodation can be found at motels, but usually normal hotels and Airbnb are quite expensive.

  • Luxury - $200-300
  • Average - $100-200
  • Backpacker - $75-100


If you have your own car insurance, renting a car can be quite affordable. Walking on foot is free, but Guam is not a pedestrian-friendly island, so I wouldn’t recommend it. Renting a bicycle is also not recommended for the same reason.

  • Luxury - $50- 100 on Taxi rides
  • Average - $30 a day for a rental car
  • Backpacker - $4-10 on Shuttle buses


Eating out in Guam is about the same price as it is in California but may be slightly more on average. Eating for cheap can be done, but it’s a little bit harder. Buying groceries at the supermarket might seem like a good idea, but typically it much cheaper to just eat out.

  • Luxury - $100 Eating at Fine dining restaurants & cocktail bars
  • Average - $50 Eating at midrange restaurants
  • Backpacker - $25 Eating Fast Food mostly

Example Travel Budgets

When trying to figure out how much you should budget per day, it depends on what type of travel you are. Are you going planning to explore the free beaches, or do you prefer drinking cocktails on a rooftop bar and taking yacht rides around the bay? Whether it's kicking back and chilling out on the shore or partying in the city center, Guam has got you covered.

two lovers point cliff guam attractions

  • Luxury - $350-400
  • Average - $200-250
  • Backpacker - $150-200

Guam Travel Guide videos

Luckily when I was in Guam USA with my husband, we had some time to film a couple of videos of our favorite things to eat and do in Guam. Below are a couple of my favorite travel videos featuring local food and Chamorro cuisine.

In this video, I visited a local market called Chode’s and grabbed some dessert to go to eat as my breakfast. It happened to be a delicacy known as “tapioca” that is made from cassava and covered in coconut and is simply delicious.


Thanks so much for reading my Guam travel guide! I hope that I’ve been able to help you discover some new vegan options that you might have missed or not have known about. Finding plant-based food on the island is not that hard if you know where to look.

Hopefully, more places on the island will start offering more vegan options (that would be super nice!). It’s always good to ask if restaurants have any options that aren’t listed on the menu because secret vegan menus seem to be a frequent occurrence on Guam.

guam flag logo

What is your favorite travel tip for Guam? Leave a comment below to help fellow travelers.

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