Vegan Picnic: Delicious Vegan Comfort Food in San Francisco

Vegan Picnic: Delicious Vegan Comfort Food in San Francisco

I am so happy that I stumbled accidentally on Vegan Picnic because this place is awesome!

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I was in San Francisco for a day trip to meet an old friend of mine that I met in Thailand. I had about an hour to kill before meeting up with my friend so I decided to walk around looking for a place to eat and came across this gem. Vegan Picnic is a fast food restaurant located in the Marina area of San Francisco. Their slogan is actually “100% plant-based American Comfort food” and they live up to their claim! Their hamburgers are delicious, you won’t even believe they’re vegan! If you are in the mood for some classic diner-style food, this place has got you covered.

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What is Vegan Picnic restaurant like?

Vegan Picnic is a casual joint that serves an all-vegan menu consisting of mainly burgers and sandwiches as well as home-made desserts. If you are in the mood for something that is a bit more filling and on the side of comfort food, then this is your place to go! Especially if you are in a rush, this place is great because they have a counter that you walk up to and order and then your food is out in a matter of minutes. The reason for this is that they cook all of their food fresh in the morning in large batches and then make it to order.

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What did we order?

When viewing the menu, I was kept asking the girl if this and that were vegan and she reassured me that everything in the entire restaurant is 100% plant-based. The reason I kept asking is that everything looks so amazing and it’s hard to believe that it’s vegan, it all looks so perfect. There were also cake displays all around the restaurant filled with marvelous vegan treats that looked divine, and I wanted to eat them all.

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When I arrived, the lady at the front counter was super nice and let me sample their home-made vegan meatball which was incredible! I highly recommend getting their vegan meatball sandwich (which is what I will order the next time I go there.)

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What did we order at Vegan Picnic?
I asked her for recommendations, and we ended up ordering “The Crispy Chicken” sandwich (all vegan) as well as a fish sandwich (also vegan). All burgers and sandwiches come with a complimentary side of either coleslaw or macaroni salad, and since we were having such a hard time choosing the lady was so nice that she let us have both free of charge.

When our burgers were ready, they were served on a tray and wrapped in foil, which I really liked. It’s a no-nonsense kind of place, and they get right down to the point. Good food at reasonable prices.

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How was the food at Vegan Picnic?

I started first with my macaroni salad which I can honestly say was the best vegan macaroni salad I’ve ever had in my life. I’m pretty sure the recipe is top secret! There was a vegan mayonnaise dressing to it, lots of fresh curly pasta and diced potato and green onions and vegan bacon bits! Next up, I tried the coleslaw which was also really good, but if I had to order just one in the future I would opt for the macaroni salad.

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I took a bite of my fish sandwich and was shocked by how much it tasted like fish. It reminded me of the faux fish I’ve had at Vietnamese restaurants. Based on how it looked and tasted, I believe it was tofu wrapped in seaweed and then battered and deep-fried. It came with a plant-based tartar sauce that brought all the flavors together and was sandwiched in a brioche type bun (freshly baked of course!). Best of all, my faux fish sandwich was covered in plant-based cheddar cheese which was super yummy (not greasy at all). If you were a fan of McDonald’s fish-filet back in the day, then this is a nice vegan version of that (of course much healthier and tastier!)

Next up, I took a bite of my husband Nate’s sandwich which was the Crispy Vegan Chicken Burger. The lady at the front told me that this is their most popular dish and I can see why! It was super crispy just like the name indicates, and was delicious. It also comes with lettuce, tomato, and melted vegan cheese sandwiched on a brioche bun.

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What did I think of my experience?

I think the best part about eating here at Vegan Picnic is that it was a guilt-less experience because even the food seems like it should be really bad for you, it’s super healthy and contains zero cholesterol and zero animal products. I think that the guys at Vegan Picnic did an amazing job veganizing classic American dishes and transforming them into plant-based versions that everyone can love.

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Any other things I loved about Vegan Picnic?

This place has a refrigerated section that contains plant-based kinds of milk made from nuts, vegan cheese (locally made) as well as chilled desserts that you can take with you on the go. They also have lots of shelves all over the restaurant filled with dried goods like pasta, pasta sauce and veggie chips that you can add to your meal or take with you as a quick snack.

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Eating at Vegan Picnic was a total treat for me and I’m so happy I discovered this place because their food was so delicious! It’s exactly what I wanted after a long drive up to San Francisco, and it didn’t disappoint my tastebuds. I was also thrilled with how friendly the staff is here, they make you feel welcomed and help you order the right thing based on what you like. So thrilled that this mom-and-pop type vegan restaurant exists in San Francisco because it’s the perfect place to go if you need to eat quickly, not spend a lot of money, and enjoy everything you eat. Next time I come here, I will try one of their desserts which looked so good.

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Also when we were there they had a new Vegan Picnic Burger that seemed intriguing, so I’ll have to give that a go the next time we come to San Francisco. Another notable dish they serve is a hot ham and cheese croissant as well as chicken n’ waffles. They are located on Union Street and are opened daily. I hope you enjoy your visit to Vegan Picnic! Make sure to write a review for them on Nomad Vegan and let us know how your experience went.

Contact Info for Vegan Picnic San Francisco

Vegan Picnic
Location: 1977A Union St, San Francisco, CA 94123, United States

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