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2nd Street Nutrition is a little health corner in Long Beach that carries a bunch of different vegan protein brands (in big plastic jars that you can take home), as well as vegan energy bars, and vegan protein drinks (ready to go) for when you just finished yoga or a workout at the gym and need to fuel up. Whether you need to stock up on vegan protein at home to make your own plant-based milkshakes or you want to just grab something on the go, and get your protein-fix, this place has got you covered. The owner of the shop is super knowledgeable about the vegan diet and can happily help you find what you're looking for. Although this place is not all vegan (*they sell dairy as well) they do offer a lot of vegan options here. They also have vegan supplements, vegan vitamins, and protein shakes.

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2nd Street Nutrition

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