Bamboo Garden Healthy Vegetarian Foods

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About Bamboo Garden Healthy Vegetarian Foods

Bamboo Garden Healthy Vegetarian Foods is a little food booth in an alley that offers plenty of vegan options. Most of their food is plant-based as it adheres to a strict Buddhist diet. There is a display case here with food already prepared and you can get this on a plate of rice (you just point to what you want and they'll put it over the rice) or you can get the food for take -away as well. There are plenty of "on the go" vegan options here , the food is packages in little plastic bags with a rubber band on top, just pick up the ones you want and pay for it at the same counter. The prices here are moderate, the food quality is great! She also has vegan soup options so ask what they have prepared for the day. Since this is a vegetarian food stall, there might be some dishes or noodles that contain egg, so make sure to ask which ones are "jay" which shouldn't contain eggs, or you can just say "vegan" and the lady will know what you mean. Some honorable mentions are the "head" which is the Chinese mushrooms which are super yummy!

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