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Barefood Bangkok is making waves in Thailand because this eatery created such realistic vegan hamburgers that has got omnivores fooled. Barefood Bangkok is famous for making their own nut cheeses (dairy-free and 100% vegan) as well as beet burgers that resemble the real thing. Are you hungry? Well head on down to Barefood Bangkok where you get a beautiful plant-based dish that will make you coming back time and time again. Make sure to try their tasting platter called "nut cheese platter" which is something they are well known for (because it's just so tasty!) This nut cheese is served with bread and fruit. They offer vegan sandwiches with truffle plant-based cheese and charcoal bread, vegan kale salads, vegan sushi, Kale broccoli Baked Lasagna, fresh homemade pasta of the day made with wholewheat like roasted tomato or porchini mushrooms. Try the Barefood vegan Cheese burger or the smokey and spicy burger, especially if you're first timers here (it won't disappoint)! Order anything and you'll leave a happy camper.

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