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Boochcraft is the first high alcohol content kombucha, and hails from Chula Vista San Diego. This specially crafted kombucha is organic and gluten-free and all the ingredients are sourced from fair trade sources. Boochcraft kombucha contains live probiotics and is a hard alcoholic beverage that is a great alternative to drinking wine and spirits with a familiar taste of beer with an effervescent, bubbly taste and clean refreshing aftertaste. Flavors include "grape coriander and anise", " apple lime jasmine", "tumeric tangerine and ginger" , "watermelon mint and chili", "grapefruit hibiscus and heather" as well as "ginger lime hibiscus". Boochcraft kombucha is 7% ABV, focusing on Farm to Tank, using Fresh-Pressed Juice and always 100% vegan. They are available at pop up farmers markets around the San Diego area.

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