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About Broccoli Revolution

Broccoli Revolution is a contemporary, modern restaurant that serves up all-vegan cuisine. Located in the posh neighborhood of Sukhumvit, this eatery has deserved its fame by cooking up fabulous dishes such as Thai favorites, asian-fusion, American classics, as well as a couple international dishes like Pizza and Bahn-mi sandwiches. One of the things that stands out the most here is that they offer fresh-pressed juices in a variety of flavors. For Thai food, they create some of the best vegan pad thai (noodles are made from chia seeds and brown rice!), vegan green curry (super mouth-watering and comes with a side of redberry rice), as well as vegan stir-fry like mushrooms and peppers. For American dishes, they have smoothie bowls (pick any fruit you want from their wide selection of exotic fruits!), gluten free pancakes, as well as granola with soy milk and fresh fruits. For entrees at Broccoli Revolution try out their carrot and pumpkin soup, lamphet thoke (a Burmese dish made from fermented green tea leaves!), som tum quinoa (green Thai papaya salad made vegan style and comes with qunioa, corn and chickpeas. There is plenty of in-door seating downstairs as well as a small up-stairs area. Pay at the counter, get a number and seat wherever you'd like. At Broccoli Revolution, make sure not to forget to order vegan dessert! This place has a ton of vegan pastries to choose from such as cookies, vegan cakes, and even vegan ice cream.

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Best vegan food in Bangkok!

2 years ago
I just ate at Broccoli Revolution and it was sooo good! We ordered a spread, including a Green curry (which was my favorite!) which was packed with veggies and fried tofu and came with red rice, we also got a charcoal burger which was pretty tasty, and another favorite of mine was the Burmese salad (really spicy and delicious if you like garlic, you have to get this). Will definitely be back to try their vegan desserts and fresh juice. Seems like a great spot for breakfast and having a smoothie bowl as well. Highly recommend!
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