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Vegan Options - $$$
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Chamorro Village is located in Paseo Loop in Guam and is basically a free outdoor market that takes place every Wednesday night. There are tons of local vendors selling street food, smoothies, desserts, hand-made crafts, and souvenirs to take home. There is also a Micronesian Dance performance at 7:00pm that takes place at the stage area (first come first serve on the outdoor seating) but you can just stand up to watch the show which is really worth it! Vegan options include "ahu" which is a coconut pudding, smoothies made fresh with local fruit like mango and coconut water, as well as fresh young coconuts which are typically sold for $5 a pop.

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1 Reviews


Best place ever for getting a smoothie and watching a free dance show!

2 years ago
Going to Chamorro Village market is a must if you are in Guam! Although there aren't a ton of vegan options at this outdoor market, I am giving them a five star rating because they don't charge an entrance fee even though there is a spectacular Micronesian performance that lasts 45 minutes long for the public. There are indeed some vegan items available at various vendors (you just have to look a bit harder than normal). There is one guy that sells "ahu" which is coconut pudding made with coconut water and coconut meat. There are a couple vendors selling fruit shakes made with water and ice (just ask them to leave out the milk) everyone speaks English so there should be no communication issues. Also keep an eye out for the vendors selling really cool hand-crafted souvenirs so you can take something cool back to your friends and family. Overall, I hope that there are more healthy choices in the future being offered here as there's a lot of BBQ options, but not enough veggie options. Would be cool if Asiga Bakery starts selling their plant-based ice cream here!
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