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Chode's Mart - Eating tapioca with coconut cream!

Chode's Mart is a mainstay in Guamanian mini-markets. We decided to try one of their desserts in a super beautiful and historic location in the main village of Guam.

About Chode's Mart

Chode's is a little convenience store that specializes in selling traditional Guamanian (Chamorro) snacks and to-go items. A lot of these items happen to be accidentally vegan such as the tapioca (cassava and coconut ) dessert, tapioca tamales, potu, as well as freshly cut bananas. This place is a local store so the prices are quite low compared to other places like Payless Supermarket. Come here to load up on fresh veggies, canned food like coconut milk. Please note this is not a vegan place so they do sell items with meat, dairy and eggs. Make sure to ask the person working at the counter what stuff is and they'll tell you (in case it's written in the traditional Chamorro language). This place is a favorite among locals who come here to purchase traditional food and desserts.

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Classic Chamorro market with some vegan friendly guamanian food!

2 years ago
I grew up going to Chode's as a kid. This place brings back a real sense of nostalgia whenever I walk back through its doors. You can only imagine how happy I was to be able to find some vegan-friendly Chamorro food in one of my favorite markets on Guam. This being such an old-school place that doesn't cater to vegan outright you are going to have to expect to put in some work when figuring out whats edible. One guaranteed thing you can eat is "Potu" which I highly recommend. It is a classic Chamorro sweet dessert that is accidentally vegan. It is made with rice flour and fermented coconut water. It is such a light dessert that is always available. You can get a plate of Potu for 2 or 3 dollars and it is enough to share with 3 - 5 people. You can also get some vegan-friendly pickled vegetables that are really potent but are really good for snacking while you're soaking up the sun on a beach or driving around the island. Check out this place if you want an authentic Guamanian experience!
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