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About Choice Superfood Bar & Juicery - Encinitas

Choice Juicery is an all organic juicery and plant-based kitchen that creates delicious, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, dairy-free meals and snacks with a huge emphasis on using healthy super-food ingredients (with a lot of raw choices). They make smoothies and bowls, healthy snacks to-go like kale chips, vegan nachos salad, coconut "bakon" cobb salad, ultimate vegan caesar salad, Mediterranean power bowl, spicy "suntuna" salad (made with sunflower seeds). They also sell gluten-free toast with avocado and sunflower seed spreads. They sell plant-based milks in all different colors and flavors from blue spirulina to strawberry almond milk. They also sell organic juices and elixirs.

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