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City Tacos in Encinitas is a taco chain that offers vegan options. This is a fast food joint where you order at the counter, pick up your food and they have a self-service salsa bar. This taco shop has a lot of different tacos to choose from, on the menu it says they have vegan options. Has local craft beer, with in-door and outdoor seating with heat lamps. On their normal menu they have VEGAN clearly marked with a green circle, and this includes two tacos, the "Coliflor" taco consists of sauteed spinach, cauliflower, green beans, arugula, and garlic served on a Jícama root tortilla. The other vegan option is the "Portobello mushroom & vegetables taco" which comes with corn and black beans and has a vegan option available. This portobello and veggie taco lists cheese as an ingredient by default, which can be a bit confusing but they will leave it off if you are it vegan style since there is a vegan option available for this dish. Would just make sure to order your veggie taco without any dairy cheese.

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