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Dharma's Restaurant is an old school all vegetarian joint that is located on the out skirts of Santa Cruz in Capitola. The prices here tend to be on the higher end of the spectrum but the portions are gigantic and specials can be shared between two people or you'll probably have leftovers. They always have a daily soup of the day (vegan) as well as salad. Almost all of their dishes can be made vegan (they will substitute cheese for vegan cheese or guacamole for sour cream) They offer vegan fruit blended smoothies, sandwiches, Mexican dishes, bowls, and breakfast items (scrambled tofu, burritos). They also have vegan ice cream like coconut bliss and can make this into an ice cream milkshake. Tons of vegan options on the menu including breakfast burritos, and stir-fry veggies, also has a nice variety of Asian inspired dishes like Dan Dan Noodles (a peanut sauce with spinach) as well as Szechuan Tofu. Chilled out vibes, hippie clientele and huge portions make this the go-to spot for vegans in the Santa Cruz area.

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