Dosa King - Punjabi & South Indian Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

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About Dosa King - Punjabi & South Indian Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

Dosa King is a 100% pure vegetarian restaurant located in Bangkok Thailand in the Arabic quarter. Dosa King clearly marks VEGAN on their menu with a green symbol so you can easily see at a glance which dishes are vegan and which are vegetarian. The main attraction here would be their dosa (hence their name) and this is a real show-stopper. The size of the dosa is huge so come hungry! The dosa comes stuffed with marsala potato (highly recommend ordering it that way) and is accompanied by lots of side dishes for dipping like coconut chutneys and spicy peppers. One to cool your mouth and the other to burn in a hole in it, it's quite fun! Make sure to check out their other dishes like idly as well as all-vegan sambal, and of course they have palak without cheese which is really neat, and tons of other South indian dishes that will make your mouth water. Portions are huge, so be careful not to order too much! Staff here is very knowledgeable about vegan diet and will make sure to give you the perfect order.

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1 Reviews


Delicious vegan South Indian food in Bangkok

2 years ago
Came to Dosa King in Bangkok and was super happy with how vegan-friendly their menu is. Vegan items are easy to find. I came here to try out their dosa and chutney. They have a ton of different types of vegan dosas to choose from included classic dosa and ones made from semolina flour which is pretty awesome. I got a marsala dosa which is a potato kitchari mix, and it came with so many different coconut chutneys which are really refreshing and cool your mouth down from the spices. They have other stuff here like chana masala and dal (lentil beans)... most of the menu is vegan and I was tempted to order more but be warned that the portions are huge. While other Indian restaurants use ghee (even the vegetarian ones) this one has a strict vegan option which makes me feel relaxed, knowing that there isn't going to be butter in my dish. So delicious, highly recommend!
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