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All Vegan - $$$
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Eve Encinitas is an all vegan restaurant with a hippie vibe. This huge restaurant has an extensive menu of fabulous and healthy salads that you can add avocado jackfruit or baked falafel to. Also has yummy all vegan burgers and burritos (made with beyond meat ). This location has an event space in the back for open mic night. Also has kombucha and local craft beer on tap. This place focuses on creating healthy, delicious tasting dishes that just happen to be plant-based. A great spot to bring your non-vegan friends and family to show them how good vegan food can actually be! Choose from different types of flatbreads like avocado tomato basil, or buffalo ranch cauliflower (all 100% vegan). They also offer all vegan buddha bowls such as the "Havana Affair" which features coconut cilantro rice, cuban black beans, and roasted yams with plantains. Vegan Desserts are available at this Encinitas location and include vegan raw cheesecake and coconut parfaits.

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1 Reviews


The best falafel salad ever!

2 years ago
I love this place so much! Their menu has so many different things to choose from whether you're in the mood for plant-based healthy pizza, a vegan hamburger or even salad... they have it all, even hippie bowls and smoothies galore. I come here for the giant kale salads which are so tasty and have the most amazing salad dressing (very lemony and refreshing). For $2 you can add two falafels to your salad (they are baked) and super yummy, nice and healthy (i like that it's not fried). Their portions are big so the salad is enough for two people to split if you get something else, or one hungry person as an entree, it's your call. Their hamburgers and burritos are also phenomenal, so just try a little this and a little that. This space has an event center in the back for artistic shows, so make sure to ask them what's going on, because they have stuff going on all the time which is pretty neat.
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