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About Evolution Fast Food

Evolution Fast Food is an all vegan drive-thru and cafe that offers plant-based burgers, sandwiches, vegan smoothies and shakes, and even vegan soft-serve ice cream. They sell fresh juices and vegan desserts in their fridge section as well such as cookies, raw cheesecake, and kombucha. Evolution Fast Food offers gluten free options such as gluten-free vegan burger buns and patties. For their vegan burgers, they offer sauteed mushrooms, vegan pesto mozzarella, cashew cheese and even a raw burger. They also offer vegan burritos and tacos on their menu like raw tacos, california burrito (featuring french fries inside!) and vegan tacos filled with whatever you want ( vegan chicken, vegan beef, vegan fish, or mushrooms). A must order is their "vegan chicken tenders" which are deep fried faux chicken nuggets with dipping sauce (try the vegan chipotle sauce). For small bites, you can pick up a vegan hot dog, coleslaw, bowl of chili, soup, or sweet potato fries. Smoothies include carob date, and cookies and cream as well as vegan milkshakes made with plant-based ice cream (strawberry, chocolate or vanilla). Everything on the menu is vegan here.

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