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Extreme Pizza is a regular pizza joint in San Francisco that happens to offers vegan options like an entire vegan menu called Veggin' Out pIzzas. How awesome is that?! All the pizzas on the Veggin' out menu can be made with vegan cheese which we think is rad. Just let them know you want a vegan pizza and they'll take care of you. The staff are super friendly and eager to help. They even have a vegan gluten free pizza crust as well! They are very knowledgeable here about what is "vegan" so they can handle a custom order as well if you want to build your own pizza. Make sure to check out Extreme Pizza if you want to order a vegan pizza in San Francisco and your in the Haight area. They also have a new "Vegan Signature Pizza" Menu which offers pizzas like: "Bunny Slope" with pine nuts, balsamic drizzle, red sauce, vegan cheese, and arugula. The "The Screamin' Tomato" is basil vegan cheese and heirloom tomatoes, the White Out (the No-Cheese-Lower-Fat-Option) is basically just veggies and tomatoe sauce, "Pandora's Box" is artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, vegan cheese, and garlic. And lastly the vegan pizza "Drag it thru the garden" consists of mushrooms, peppers, onions, artichoke hearts and vegan cheese with a red sauce (a sort of "combo style pizza). SUPER VEGAN friendly!

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