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About Famous Kimberley Soya Milk

Famous Kimberley Street Soya Bean & Bean Curd is a hawker stall on Kimberley Street that makes soybean curd (called Tahu) that is essentially soybean pudding topped off with black syrup (sugar). And they also have fresh cold soy milk that you can get which has ice. You can get the soybean curd without or without the sugar (but recommended to get it so that it will be sweet since it is a dessert). You can order the soy milk without the sugar as well, and then it will just be unsweetened soy milk. They offer young coconuts and soft drinks here as well, but the main attraction are her soy products. Make sure to come early as they sell out of everything early. Costs 2 ringgit for the soy milk, and 2 ringgit for the bean curd (to eat there). Take away is just a tad bit more.

Recommended Dishes

  • Soy Milk
  • Soy Pudding
  • Soy Milk With Grass Jelly
  • Nutmeg & Longan Juice

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