Fever Few Bangkok Coffee House

Vegan Options - $$$
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About Fever Few Bangkok Coffee House

Fever Few Bangkok Coffee House is a great spot to grab a vegan almond latte or a vegan super-food smoothie. This place is awesome because they have so many different vegan options to choose from such as a plant-based smoothie with almond milk, chia seeds, cacao, gogi berries, and bananas all blended together with zero sugar. They also serve organic freshly made cold-pressed juice here so you can get your green-detox going on in Bangkok. They also serve organic forest coffee locally grown in Thailand. For healthy options, they have gluten-free, sugar free and super food, organic, vegan and oil-free food. They have a vegan organic tropical salad for 120 baht, and a vegan tofu burrito bowl, as well as a vegan cookies that are nut free and sugar free, they sell dried banana chips, vegan balls made from almonds dates and goji berries with cashew, as well as vegan apple crumble, and vegan chia pudding. Dishes: herbal super bowls, vegan organic cacao latte, and vegan tumeric almond latte.

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