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Gio Gelati is a traditional Italian Gelataria that serves up ice cream in the marina area of San Francisco. Has vegan sorbets. Spoke to owner Patrizia Pasqualetti who said they are made fresh everyday without egg, and it's just fresh fruits and sugar. No milk in some of their gelato, please inquire which ice creams are vegan and let them know you want vegan ice cream only. This traditional Italian ice cream parlor is awesome for offering dairy-free options for their vegan friends in SF! When I spoke to the owner, I noticed she had an Italian accent so this is the real deal! On their website, they list all the ingredients for their ice creams. For the fruit sorbets like berries or seasonal fruits, it's literally just real fruit sugar and water. The fruits they use are plums yellow and white peach, mango, cantaloupe, figs, pomegranates. For the coconut ice cream, it's made with coconut milk and sugar. Make sure to let the staff know you are vegan and they will point out the ice creams you can eat.

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