Gourmet Market Thailand @Siam Paragon Mall

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Vegan Options - $$$
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Gourmet Market Thailand @Siam Paragon Mall is one of the best grocery stores to explore for vegan and plant-based treats. This is not your ordinary grocery store, this is a mega, foodie wonderland that has not only local snacks and delicacies but also tons of imported items from all over the world. Since they have a decent selection of Western/European items from the USA and abroad, this is where a lot of expats do their shopping. Prices range from high to low, you can get a $30 piece of durian or a $.30 cent ramen soup so it really depends on what you want. For vegan options, Gourmet market has fresh juices in the front of the store like fresh pressed mixes as well almond milk. They also have a coconut ice cream machine for 100 baht you can get a soft serve vegan ice cream. For vegan items, they have Amy's microwaveable food, they also have vegan hamburger patties in their frozen aisle. They also have local food in their deli like vegan spring rolls (filled with mushrooms). Just ask the staff for "jay " food and they'll point to the items you can eat. There is also a salad bar at this location as well as organic produce and lots of exotic fresh fruits to choose from. A lot of "Jay" food here as well, just look for the yellow and red design with the number 17 on the packaging.

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1 Reviews


Vegan coconut ice cream & fresth juices! Tons of vegan products!

2 years ago
This place is where I come to eat vegan coconut ice cream when I'm in the mood for something sweet. They have a soft serve machine that has all vegan coconut ice cream in two different flavors, original coconut and charcoal (black color). I really love how Gourmet Market carries pretty much everything you want in Thailand from Thai groceries like Buddhist 'jay" ramen, plant-based curry mixes, fresh spices, baking supplies, protein bars, and organic products to prepared deli items that are ready to take home and eat. I usually ask the staff for what's jay and they point to the items that don't contain fish sauce/meat. I am a big fan of their huge selection of fresh juices (a bit pricey but worth it for a nice detox). They even have organic soy milk and almond milk. I get the feeling this place is meant for the ultra rich or celebrities because some items are super expensive like wine, durian, etc but that's to be expected in Bangkok (since it's mostly imports and delicacies). Super huge selection of souvenirs that are food like dried mango, Thai tea (loose leaf), candies so really nice if you want to buy something to take back home for friends and family.
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