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Sophisticated authentic all vegan Mexican food in the hippest part of the Mission District. Serving up delicious Mexican food like vegan tamales, enchiladas, flautas, pozole soup, vegan taco salad, vegan tacos, vegan tortas and vegan Quesadillas. They use jack-fruit as a replacement for meat and offer a happy hour menu that includes items for as little as $5 which is a steal at those kind of prices and allows you to try a sampling of bigger dishes so you can see what you want to order. They make a to-die-for cheesy sauce made from cashews that will make you lick your fingers. Reservations highly recommended as this place is always packed to the brim especially on weekends. Gracias Madre in San Francisco offers vegan dishes such as: vegan Chimichanga with tempeh chorizo and cashew cheese, vegan Chilaquiles, and gluten free vegan Plantain French Toast with plant-based whip cream and maple syrup. Vegan brunch is served from 10 am -3pm daily. They also offer vegan Mexican bowls featuring house made beans.

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