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About Heavenly Veggies

An all vegan lunch buffet spot located in Tamuning. They offer a full plate of food for only $9.50 which includes a sample of lots of different healthy dishes (Typical Chamorro dishes that have been veganized) which includes a soup or salad. Lots of indoor seating and prepared food can be purchased as well such as sandwiches, parfaits, or a la carte menu items.

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1 Reviews


Really healthy and delicious vegan Chamorro food! Soooo good.

2 years ago
I came here so many times I lost track while visiting Guam, and every time I left a happy camper. The food at Heavenly Veggies is always 100% vegan which I really appreciated, and it was always super light and healthy so I never felt guilty eating here because the food is nutritious. They offer a daily lunch special and I loved how it comes with a salad or soup. The dishes are made with whole foods, real ingredients, and it's also really cool how on certain days they make veganized versions of classic Chamorro dishes. It's also not overly salty or greasy, it's more like food I would prepare at home. Lots of the veggies are steamed and they use coconut milk for cream. I have brought non-vegans here like my mother-in-law and she really liked it so it passed the test! I would highly recommend this place to any one who wants to eat plant-based in Guam. Their lunch is only $9.50 and is really big! The staff are really friendly as well and they have vegan desserts that change daily.
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