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Vegan Options - $$$
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Hummus Boutique Bangkok is a middle eastern restaurant that has selected the best cuisine from multiple countries including Arabic and Greek to give you the best all around dishes that are vegan-friendly. Although there are eggs and dairy in some dishes, the majority of the menu is plant-based and it's super easy to order vegan here. Hummus Boutique Bangkok is known for their delicious, fresh falafel that are made fresh to order and is accompanied by smooth and creamy hummus made from chickpeas. Besides yummy falafel sandwiches, they are also famous for their vegan pizzas which comes in different flavors. It's simply amazing to find plant-based pizza in Thailand, so make sure to check out this spot the next time you get a craving for falafel or pizza.

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1 Reviews


OmG! The best Vegan pizza in Bangkok! Also must try the vegan mozzarella sticks

2 years ago
Just ordered this yesterday to my house, and I talk highly enough about this place, it really blew me away. I ordered a vegan pesto mushroom pizza which came with vegan cheese. The size is a bit smaller than a normal pizza, more like a personal pizza but my husband and I shared it (enough for two people) if you get other dishes to share. The hummus set was incredible, the hummus was creamy and tasted like it was made with high quality oil topped off with fresh chickpeas. The salad that came with the hummus (in the set) was super yummy (a chopped mix of cabbage and peppers with a light vinaigrette). We also got an Arabic salad which was okay but a bit small. The real show stopper was the mozzarella sticks which were soooo good! They are filled with vegan cheese, battered and flash fried to perfection (definitely order these!)
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