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About Jojo's Creamery

Jojo's Creamery in Encinitas California is an artisanal gelato shop that offers vegan (dairy-free) ice cream options. They also have gluten free options available. The dairy-free and vegan flavors are made from organic coconut milk and home-made cashew milk. This shop doesn't use any stabilizers such as carrageenan, locust bean gum or guar gum. They also don't use artificial flavors or emulsifiers or food coloring, fillers or corn syrup. The vegan ice cream at Jojo's Creamery is located behind the counter in a separate refrigerator. The vegan pints cost $11.25. For a vegan scoop of ice cream you would just add .35 cents per scoop so it would e $3.85 per scoop. The vegan ice cream flavors included: strawberry, banana fluffernutter, pumpkin granola butter (seasonal) and ginger chai. The flavors change on a daily basis and are posted outside on a chalkboard sign. There is indoor and outdoor seating. VEGAN is clearly marked all over the store and on the menu, staff is super knowledgeable about the vegan diet.

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