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Juice Shop in Haight Ashbury is a raw, local, organic juicery in the heart of San Francisco located in the Marina area (well known for their healthy options in this neightborhood). They offer smoothies made with nutmilks like a plant-protein shake made with cashew almond milk. Juices includes lots of different types of organic green juices and fruit juices ready to go in the refrigerator, just order at the counter. For plant based food they offer "Power Bites" which is dates, wtih cacao, coconut oil, chaga mushroom, maca, coconut flakes, and brazil nuts. They also have "power mix" which is cashew, pistachio, mullberry, golden inca berry, gogi berry, cacao nibs, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. They have "activated overnight oats" for $10 which is raw coconut cashew yogurt with gluten free oats with chia seeds, sprouted almond -cashew milk, seasonal fruit, coconut nectar, dates, himalayan salt with pro-biotic cultures. They also offer "Live Granola" for $16 with gluten-free oats, puffed amaranth, sprouted almonds, sunflower seed, mullberry, gogi berry, coconut nectar, coconut oil, reishi mushrooms, astragalus, himalaya salt. They also offer "Cashew Coconut yogurt" for $16 which includes raw young coconut meat, activated cashew, filtered alkaline water, pro-biotic cultures.

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