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Vegan Options - $$$
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Kim's Vietnamese Restaurant in Encinitas CA serves up authentic Vietnamese fare. They actually have a whole vegan menu and they have about 5 soup options (pho). They also have spring rolls as well as a coconut broth soup. Their vegan pho soup is made with only 100% plants and zero animal ingredients, the broth is veggie. There are gluten free options as well because the Vietnamese use rice noodles for most of their dishes as well as the spring rolls (the non-fried kind). For the Vegetarian menu, all the items are also vegan. They have a Vegetarian Combination pho with tofu, mock chicken and mushrooms. They also have a mixed veggie pho with broccoli, bok choy, cabbage. There is also a tofu or mock chicken phot. There is a broccoli or snow peas pho. There is also a bok choy phot as well as a 3 variety mushroom pho which comes with white, straw, and shitake mushrooms. This is a family run business and the owner seemed very knowledgeable about vegan diets. Although VEGAN isn't marked on the menu I was told their vegetarian menu is all vegan. Indoor seating only.

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