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About Kress Market & Deli

Kress Market is a little health food store and deli/cafe located in Downtown Long Beach. They offer a variety of vegan products like faux meat, tofu, eco-friendly and cruelty-free products in their health food store which is located in the back of their restaurant. They also offer organic product and veggies as well as vegan snacks, vegan milk, and kombucha in their health food area. They also have craft beer, vegan chips and vegan protein bars as well as organic superfood grocery items. In the kitchen cafe area, there are a couple vegan options on their menu. Their staff is very knowledgeable about what is vegan so they can help you out. The menu offers stuff like a veggie sandwich (can be veganized upon request) and a tempeh panini (vegan upon request), as well as a bunch of different fruit smoothies which can be made with soy milk (just leave out the whey protein to make vegan). They can also have a Vegan Protein Salad, and a couple ready-to-eat deli items in their display case (they usually have a few all vegan items) just have the staff point it out for you. VEGAN is clearly marked on the menu for some items.

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