Lestat's Hillcrest Coffee House

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Vegan Options - $$$
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Lestat's Hillcrest Coffee House is open 24 hours, so what's not to love? This place is perfect for bringing your laptop and getting some work done. For the vegan options, they have a big green sandwich which they said they can replace the cheese and the pesto with hummus and mustard. They also offer a lot of different plant-based milks such as soy, almond, coconut, and oat. There is plenty of seating in-doors and free wifi. They also offer vegan pastries (they always have something on their shelves and it changes daily.) They have vegan baked goods like vegan cupcakes, vegan strawberry bars, and vegan pecan cookies. It's wheelchair accessible, and there is outdoor seating available as well on their patio. They have a ton of coffee drinks that can be made vegan upon request. Staff is very knowledgeable about vegan diet so just let them know you don't want any dairy ingredients. Contact email: admin@lestats.com

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Amazing Vegan Pastries and Yummy vegan lattes!

2 years ago
A huge coffee shop located in Hill Crest San Diego California that offers vegan pastry options and alternative milks such as soy almond and coconut. Plenty of space if you want to work off your laptop. Free wifi with a purchase. Wheelchair accessible. Has meat and fish on premises, just a heads up. This place has really good coffee and if you get their normal coffee you can pour it yourself from a pump dispenser. Great place to study and get some work done. Also love that they always have vegan milk and vegan pastries, which is a big plus!
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