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Long Beach Tap House is a craft beer bar located on the 2nd Street strip on the coast of Long Beach. For vegan options, they offer a vegan burger called "Totally Possible" which features an Impossible burger patty, homemade vegan mushroom bacon, iceberg lettuce, and pimento cheese served on a fresh bun made by Pietris Bakery. They also offer vegan fries, vegan heart of palms ceviche featuring citrus, avocado, corn tortillas and Serrano pepper, crispy fried cauliflower vegan "wings" with vegan ranch dipping sauce, Vegan tacos with impossible meat, Vegan BLT called "VBLT" featuring homemade crispy mushroom bacon, sliced heirloom tomatoes, secret sauce on a fresh bun, vegan tomato basil soup, and some of their salads also have an option to be vegan (by substituting the Impossible meat and choosing their vegan cheese or vegan bacon). Let your waiter know you are vegan and they'll whip you up something amazing here! Gluten free options available. VEGAN clearly marked on menu.

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