Mai Kaidee - Tanoa (Bangkok)

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All Vegan - $$$
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About Mai Kaidee - Tanoa (Bangkok)

Mai Kaidee is a not just a famous vegetarian cooking school that offers vegan & raw foods cooking classes, but it's also a really incredible Thai restaurant. Mai kaidee has several locations across Thailand (both in Bangkok and Chiang Mai) as well as a restaurant in NYC! Mai Kaidee in Bangkok (which has two locations) offers a variety of tasty vegan dishes at their restaurant. Famous dishes include vegan spring rolls, vegan Thai green curry, yellow curry, Panang Curry, Masaman curry, tom yam soup, pumpkin soup, Green Papaya Salad (Som Tam), vegan pad thai, stir-fried morning glory, vegan fried rice, tom kah soup, veggie fish with coconut milk, mango sticky rice (with coconut milk), pumpkin in coconut milk and vegan thai iced tea. Make sure to check out their vegan cooking classes which should be able to accommodate to any allergies you might have (gluten-free, etc). Since this is a vegetarian restaurant and cooking school, there is egg in some dishes/recipes but if you tell the staff you're vegan they will give you the vegan versions of everything.

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Nice little vegan joint near Khaosan Road

2 years ago
I came here late at night and ordered a couple things to split. I really enjoyed the banana blossom salad, that was the best I've ever had in Bangkok! The green curry and the tom yum soup were okay. I would probably try out different stuff on their menu the next time I visit. The mango sticky rice looks so good! Great prices, super cheap, and terrific value for the portions you get, everything came with free rice which was really nice of them.
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