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Vegan Options - $$$
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Located in Khoa San Road, this little eatery is known for serving up healthy Thai dishes as well as American breakfast. The extensive menu features unique vegan curries that have interesting ingredients like ginkgo nuts, chestnuts, beans, grilled banana and delicious durian as well. Make sure to try their “black rice” which is super tasty and filling. All vegan items are easily recognized because they are written in green which makes ordering a breeze. Huge menu of kombucha, fresh juices, and smoothies made with exotic fruits. Lovely decor and cute cats everywhere make Mango restaurant a top place to check out in this area for vegan food.

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1 Reviews


Incredible vegan food in Khao San road

2 years ago
Went here many times during my trip to Bangkok and loved it every single time! We love that there are cafe cars walking around which gives it a chill vibe. They have a ton of vegan options on their menu and it’s marked clearly which is nice. This is an all vegetarian place so no meat is served here. We ordered two green curries, one with tofu and another with grilled banana which were both divine, and we ate everything in our bowl, and left super content. The price for two people was 475 baht which included som tam papaya salad and also two side rice dishes, I think that’s a great price for the quality of the food. Would highly recommend!
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