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May Veggie Home is a 100% vegan restaurant in the heart of Bangkok Thailand that serves up veganized versions of Thai classics from som tam to green curries. They also have some international dishes as well here in case you're in the mood for a burger and fries. This place is a must-go-to spot if you are in the city, and you want to have a nice vegan meal in a tranquil setting with healthy and filling food. This place has absolutely no meat on the menu and every dish is free of any eggs or dairy. The menu has a nice selection of different Thai dishes such as noodles (pad thai) and salads (som tam). Other honorable mentions include: the panang red curry with tofu and vegetables, the khao soi (coconut soup from the North of Thailand), they also have pasta dishes like vegan bacon and sausage with vegan Parmesan and watercress as well as spaghetti (if you want something Italian). They have a large menu for stir fried veggies like morning glory (pad pak boong) which is the best. They also serve fried rice, burger and fries (which look amazing!) as well as Japanese food like vegan teriyaki and vegan tonkutsu (fried vegan chicken with a gravy sauce). Also, this place has vegan ice cream by @cocomuch as well as many vegan desserts to choose from. They offer gluten free vegan brownies, vegan chocolate cake, and even vegan tiramisu. Vegan ice cream (which is made from coconut milk) comes in many different flavors including green tea, sesame seed, and strawberry!

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1 Reviews


Classic Thai dishes made vegan!

2 years ago
Came here to May Veggie Home and was pleasantly surprised to see how charming this place is, a cute sit down restaurant with air con and the whole restaurant is vegan which is pretty awesome. I ordered the som tam which was really delicious (I wish it was a bit more spicy because I like it extra hot), the morning glory was out of this world, and prepared perfectly with tons of garlic. And lastly I ordered a green curry which was really incredible and I found myself trying to not lick the bottom of the bowl. Was debating whether or not to give them a four stars, because my only quibble was that the tofu tasted a bit off, but I think it just might have been an accident as the rest of the food was perfectly fresh. You can order rice on the side for your dishes. Service was great and the staff are super friendly! They also have tons of vegan desserts that I want to try on my return visit, as well as vegan ice cream (oh my!) Can't wait to go back!
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