Napizza Pizza Al Tagliio

Vegan Options - $$$
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Napizza Pizza Al Tagliio has vegan pizza options daily and they also have a vegan harvest sandwich which contains all vegan. The vegan harvest sandwich contains sun-dried tomatoes and avocado, a spring greens mix, roma tomatoes, a homemade balsamic spread and is served on a freshly baked herb bread. If you ask them about it, they will point out the pizza that is vegan for the day (it changes daily). It's a casual type of joint, you just point to the pizza you want, and pay at the counter and then you can take it to go, or sit down. There is indoor seating at this location. They also offer vegan salads such as their Superfood Me Salad which contains kale, quinoa, nuts, avocado, sprouts, and green beans (vegan dressing can be had upon request which is the balsamic one). VEGAN is clearly marked on the menu. This is a fast food joint so prices are affordable (under $10).

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