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Vegan Options - $$$
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Palm Thai Cusine is a Thai restaurant located in Lake Elsinore California which offers plenty of vegan options. The staff here are very knowledgeable about the vegan diet so you can order pretty much any dish on the menu vegan and they will modify it so that it won't have any fish sauce or animal ingredients. They offer tofu here both steamed and fried to go with your meal. The vegan options include vegan curry which comes in penang, yellow, green and red. Palm Thai Cuisine also has a lot of vegetarian dishes which can all be made vegan. They offer noodle dishes, stir-frys and soups that are also vegan. The curry is made with 100% coconut milk. Pad See Ew can be made vegan (just tell them to leave off the egg). There are free re-fills on the iced tea, they offer hot pots soups that can be shared between a family, no fish sauce in the curries, and free rice comes with your curry. Dishes are between $10-12 each and are big portions. Vegan not clearly marked on menu, yet but vegetarian dishes are.

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1 Reviews


Aweosme vegan thai food in Lake Elsinore!

2 years ago
Palm Thai Cuisine is a nice Thai restaurant that offers lots of vegan options on their menu. All of their curries are made with 100% coconut milk (no dairy) and you can substitute tofu into any of their dishes instead of meat. They are very knowledgeable about vegan diets so you can just order almost anything "vegan" and they will take care of you. Red penang curry with tofu was yummy with generous portions and free white rice. Wheelchair accessible, has gluten free and soy free options. Not all vegan, serves meat and fish.
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