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Vegan Options - $$$
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These guys are awesome! They have. a separate vegan menu which rocks. Panini MAFIA is a sandwich restaurant that serves up quick bites. They offer vegan options like their "vegan sausage krapow sandwich" which uses faux meat made locally by Barefood kitchen as well as vegan cheese. You can order Panini Mafia online here in Bangkok, by going directly to their website and clicking the ORDER Now tab. If you like Italian food, the have vegan pesto sauce and vegan sausage from Bare Food in BKK. They also offer takeaway with Grabfood, Lineman as well. For vegan pizza, they offer vegan cheese and vegetable pizza, vegan italian sausage pizza, and spicy vegan sausage kra pow (which just means it's topped off with chili peppers and Thai basil). For their vegan menu, they have the: Vegan Untouchable Sandwich , Beyond Meat Burger Panino Classico , Beyond Meat Guacamole Burger Panino Beyond Meat Burger-Guacamole Quinoa Bowl, and Vegan Sausage Quinoa Bowl. Make sure to show your support at this restaurant so that they can offer more vegan options (and perhaps one day be all vegan)

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1 Reviews


Delicious vegan sandwiches! & vegan pizza! Love this place!

2 years ago
I came to Panini mafia for their vegan sandwiches and was blown away by just how tasty they are. I ordered the Vegan kra pow sandwich which comes on ciabatta bread, plant-based pesto, faux meat patty by Barefoods (which was to die for, absolutely incredible!), and the cashew cheese by Barefoods as well. This was my favorite. Loved how it was a fusion dish between Thai and Italian food, they pulled it off wonderfully. Also this is a dish you can only get in Bangkok because Barefoods vegan cheese and vegan meat is made here so this made this sandwich extra special for me. My husband got the Beyond Meat Classico sandwich which was also really good, but we definitely liked the Krapow sandwich much more. Would come back here in a heartbeat! The owner is so nice as well, and speaks perfect English so can help you out with ordering. They also have Vegan pizza and they use vegan mozzarella for it, so that's awesome, will come back and order a pizza next time I visit. The owner is actually from Italy so the food here is authentically Italian but with a hipster, de-constructed edge to it. I think this is one of the best places to get vegan Italian food in Bangkok because you can choose from pizza, burgers, and also bowls. They have healthy bowls with vegan sausage made by Barefoods with quinoa and veggies, will try that too next time I come here.
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