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Pho Fifth Avenue is a traditional Vietnamese restaurant that serves up delicious vegan pho soup! They also happen to have an entire vegetarian menu with tons of vegan options including lots of fake meat like vegan duck, vegan chicken as well as the option for tofu in their soups and rolls. The vegan dishes they offer are veggie coconut curry, vegan pho soup (a veggie broth served with hot rice vermicelli noodles with broccoli and tofu), "bahn mi" sandwich, vegan fried rice, stir-fried noodles and "bun chay" (cold rice vermicelli noodle salad with peanuts and sweet sauce with fried tofu and greens). They offer fresh spring rolls here made vegan with tofu instead of shrimp. They are very knowledgeable here and the staff are very helpful. The only thing on the vegetarian menu that is not vegan would be the egg noodles, but they can be subbed for flat rice noodles and the fried spring rolls mentions egg so just check with your waiter. They do serve meat and seafood here. Gluten free options available here.

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