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Pixin Vegan Cuisine is an all vegan restaurant serving up both healthy American style salads as well as authentic Malaysian dishes such as nasi lemak. Pixin Vegan Cuisine is one of the best vegan restaurants in Penang because they feature a 100% plant-based menu that reflects exotic local Malay flavors while also offering international fare such as pastas, salads, and burgers made with charcoal (black buns!) Pixin Vegan Cuisine offers a very asian fusion menu with items such as black vinegar hericium mushroom clay-pot with rice, a healthy burger with vegan mayo and sesame seed bun, blue tea (made with butterfly pea leaves), jawa mee (local dish), Penang Malaysian Asam Laksa (a must order!) Earl grey vegan cake, tom yum spicy thai soup, pearl noodle soup, as well as Italian spaghetti and other house-made pastas. Make sure to check out their display case for a large selection of vegan cakes and sweet treats. A must order is their berry smoothie, the "real salad", and Pixin Nasi Lemak. A great spot to try out traditional Malaysian/Chinese food while you're staying in Penang.

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1 Reviews

ace moey
ace moey

Best Vegan Cuisine in Georgetown,Penang

2 years ago
Main course is always full of flavour and taste very nice. Especially good in Local Street food dishes.
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