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Plant Power in Encinitas is a healthy fast-food chain that serves up classic American fare like vegan burgers, milk shakes and fries. This entire restaurant and menu is 100% vegan, plant-based and has zero animal ingredients. Their menu has a mix of options such as vegan sandwiches, vegan burgers, vegan Mexican burritos, vegan milkshakes, vegan raw cheesecake, as well as vegan faux meat chicken tenders. They even have a vegan fish fillet sandwich as well as a veganized version of the Big Mac called the "Big Zac" which has a vegan thousand island dressing. Some notable menu items include plant-based buffalo wings, onion rings, vegan brownie, vegan soft serve ice cream, kaleslaw, and "crispy" deep fried vegan chicken (available in a wrap, burger or burrito). There are raw and gluten-free options available which are clearly marked on their menu. Raw items include raw tacos made with walnut, and pecan nut meat. They also offer a kombucha float which comes with vegan ice cream. Plant Power also has a vegan breakfast menu which includes a "vegan egg muffin", hash browns, breakfast burrito, and a chicken waffle sandwich. Pay and pick up food at the counter, mostly self-service. Outdoor seating only. Has a drive-through option.

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1 Reviews


Delicious vegan crispy fried chick'n sandwich!

2 years ago
All their food is vegan which is super cool. This is a plant-based fast food joint so they have a drive thru and they also have a counter where you can just pick up your order in a couple seconds (they are super fast!) I ordered their vegan crispy fried chick'n sandwich was was super delicious. It tastes so good, I bet most people wouldn't notice the difference. The sandwich is a pretty decent size for the price and filled me up. Overall, I would say the cost is reasonable for what you get, and I really like the whole vibe of this place. I like that everything is made to-go so it's quick and easy, if you just need a quick bite. Next time I come here I want to try their vegan milkshake and also their raw tacos, seems like you can get anything you want here from fries and a burger to smoothies and salads.
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