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Pressed Juicery is a shop that sells cold-pressed juice as well as plant-based vegan soft serve ice cream. You can come here and order a smoothie or juice, or you can also walk away with healthy dessert. For the plant-based ice cream, it's made from almond milk and dates so it's naturally sweetened. Usually at this company, there is a membership fee that you can opt into for $5 to get future discounts. This company is about 95% vegan, most of the stuff here is plant-based except for 2-3 ice cream toppings. They do not serve meat at the Pressed Juicery. Their moto is get any two juices for $12. Flavors include aloe vera, apple lemon ginger, charcoal lemonade, chocolate almond milk, coconut cucumber pineapple juice, and grapefruit aloe vera mint. For the vegan ice cream, they have vanilla and chocolate.

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