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Rainbow Juices is a juice bar located in Downtown Long Beach, and they focus on creating fresh-pressed, raw organic, juices using only the best local produce from nearby farms in California. Rainbow juices specializes in making not only juices, but also cleansers and elixirs. Their raw, living juice is made from the finest ingredients including fresh carrots, celery, apples, beets, lemons, ginger, parsley, basil and cucumber. They also offer nut based milks like almond milk for protein rich juices. They offer green juices, beet juices, and a mixture of fruit and veggie juices. For vegan milks, they offer a selection of handmade almond milk in a varietys of flavors including superfoods like spirulina, cocoa, tumeric, matcha, and maca to name a few. They offer juice packs, as well as raw food like raw vegan desserts whipped up by their sister company next door called Under the Sun. Rainbow Juices also offers workshop and classes so make sure to check those out if you are in Long Beach!

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