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An all vegetarian restaurant that specializes in making healthy food that offers lots of vegan dishes. They offer a lunch plate starting at 11 AM and the menu changes daily. They are open Monday through Friday and are closed on the weekend. They close early on Fridays. They post their lunch special outside on a chalkboard sign every day. This restaurant is not all vegan so you should ask about a specific dish before ordering it, as the lunch special can sometimes contain dairy or eggs. They also have a counter where you can order ala carte like a vegan "egg" sandwich or vegan "tuna" sandwich as well as a vegan burger made with Beyond Meat. They also offer tofu smoothies made with fresh fruits that are vegan as well as cinnamon rolls. Simply Food also includes a decent size health food store in the back with lots of vegan products such as plant based milks, vegan yogurt, vegan cereals, vegan faux meat, kombucha, vegan ice cream, plant-based chips and snacks, as well as cruelty-free & eco-friendly hygiene items.

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1 Reviews


Great vegan chamorro food & awesome health food store

2 years ago
When I first stepped inside this health food store slash vegetarian restaurant I was blown away by how many products they sell, it's crazy. I love that they have vegan ice cream, vegan kombucha, and tons of vegan cooking products (chips, grains, plant-based types of milk, baking mixes, etc) for that they get 5 stars. It seems like nowhere else on the island can you get stuff like here. For the restaurant, I am giving them 4 stars. The food is delicious (perhaps just a tad bit on the salty side) but I love that they offer veganized versions of traditional Chamorro dishes during certain days of the week. They have a daily lunch special that is all vegetarian and the menu changes daily. My only issue was that the staff didn't seem to know which dishes on their lunch menu were 100% vegan, so I felt a tad bit uncertain (sometimes dishes can contain egg or milk). Lovely management here and I'm just hoping they'll go all vegan one day. My advice would be to clearly mark what dishes on the lunch special are vegan and which ones aren't. I had their tofu steak and Chamorro tinaktak and both were excellent.
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