Subterranean Coffee Boutique- North Park

Vegan Options - $$$
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Subterranean Coffee is a coffeehouse located in the heart of North Park in San Diego and offers fast wifi, delicious vegan desserts such as cookies, cakes, cupcakes and muffins/cupcakes. They also offer vegan milk such as soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk for their drinks so you can enjoy a vegan almond milk latte, or a vegan smoothie blended up with fresh fruits. This place is perfect for working on your laptop, there are tons of wooden tables and couches with plenty of space to spread out. They brew fresh coffee here and make high quality tea drinks. For vegan options, they offer a "vegan bagel" with red pepper hummus with tomatoes and onions, and a "sloppy vegan" sandwich featuring soyrizo and hummus on an everything bagel. There is a "Mrs. Vegan' salad and offer vegan gluten-free siracha tacos. All smoothies are made with 100% fruit. There are gluten free options available like vegan gf donuts!🍩 yay! Although this place isn't vegan, they offer lots of options and VEGAN is clearly marked on their menu which is a plus.

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