Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill @Terminal 21 Shopping Mall

Vegan Options - $$$
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About Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill @Terminal 21 Shopping Mall

Sunrise Tacos is a Mexican restaurant in Bangkok that offers vegan options. They now carry the famous Omnipork which is vegan pork ( a Chinese Company). They offer the omnipork in a variety of different veggie dishes, just ask the staff to leave off any sour cream or cheese. Omni pork is a plant-based protein that looks and tastes like pork. You can get wonder tacos which are crispy tacos with omnimeat, lettuce and pico de gallo salsa. THey have wonder nachose cheese supreme (just get it without the cheese) and this comes with refried beans, jalapenos, and pico de gallo on a mountain of tortilla chips, they also offer the omniMeat in a taco salad, in a burrito, on fries, and in a burger. Please check with staff to make sure rice and beans do not contain animal ingredients. Sunrise Tacos is a chain in Bangkok so they have many different locations. Open late.

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