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Thali NR Sweets Cafe is an Indian restaurant that is 100% meat-free and vegetarian with a ton of vegan options. You can get a vegan "thali" here (a large meta platter with lots of little curry dishes with a pile of rice and bread in the middle). The staff are very knowledgeable about vegan diet) so they can accommodate you. This restaurant offers food a la carte where you can pick items from their hot deli display case, or order off the menu and sit down to have a meal. They have vegan dosa here (made without ghee, you can just double check with the staff to make sure your food is vegan, they know the word here). They also offer hot chai tea made with soy milk. This place has a lot of Indian sweets, not all are vegan, as many contain butter and milk powder, but if you ask the staff they can point out which ones are vegan. This is a very local spot, so prices are very inexpensive. There are a lot of faux meats here, malay food options on the menu, but mostly it's Southern Indian cuisine (lots of coconut flavors).

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