The Black Bean

All Vegan - $$$
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About The Black Bean

The Black Bean is an all vegan fast-food joint that serves up classic American plant-based burgers, hot dogs, and vegan brunch. They are also famous for their amazing tacos which features Beyond Meat. The Black Bean offers a ton of vegan desserts as well including cookies, cakes and black bean brownies baked fresh and chilled in their display case. Vegan desserts include vegan Oreo peanut butter pie, strawberry bar, and vegan vanilla ice cream. They also make vegan burritos and wraps with delicious vegan cheese and faux meat as well as breakfast tacos, breakfast burgers (featuring the Impossible patty), vegan nachos, fries, vegan chick'n bacon ranch burger, and three different types of vegan salads (including Greek, Thai, and classic American chicken bacon ranch).

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