The Grain Cafe - Culver City

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About The Grain Cafe - Culver City

Grain Cafe in Culver City is an all-vegan diner that serves up classic American food like pancakes and waffles. Everything here is vegan and they are also really great about catering to allergies such as gluten free, soy free and nut free which are all clearly marked on the menu. They also have vegan breakfast and vegan brunch which features scrambled tofu, beyond meat, as well as vegan cheese. Grain Cafe has Mexican dishes as well including enchiladas, tacos, chili relleno and burritos (all plant-based) and so delicious. Grain Cafe has a large selection of vegan desserts (mostly cakes) and a great coffee menu featuring almond milk, coconut milk and oat milk for lattes and smoothies. Grain Cafe in Culver City offers fresh-pressed juices that are all organic and made to order. Come here for an amazing lunch and we promise you'll return time after time again.

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