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About Under The Sun

Under the Sun is a raw vegan cafe located next to Rainbow Juices in Downtown Long Beach CA. This sleek cafe offers vegan smoothies and herbal tonics plus healthy raw vegan entrees and raw plant-based desserts. Under the Sun is a living foods cafe that offers a ton of amazing vegan dishes such as raw wraps and sandwiches, casseroles and pastas, raw lasagna, and raw salads. Make sure to try out their nut-free matcha buttercups. Everything here is 100% plant-based. The chic environment positively vibrates with positive yogi vibes, with its brick walls, contemporary minimalist furniture with green vines hanging from the ceiling beams. Their menu is 100% vegan, soy free, dairy free, organic, super healthy, featuring superfood ingredients, 100% gluten-free with options for nut free.

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